Sia Furler

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Sia Furler
Sia Furler

SIA Kate Isobelle Furler or better known as Sia is a singer and songwriter Australia who started her career as a solo singer since her debut album’s “Only See “.

SIA to fame after the release of the single ‘ Taken for Granted ‘ on the album ‘ Healing is Difficult ‘. Singer-this one has a special characteristic that every gig covering his face.

We do not discuss more about the Sia, this post specifically discussing the address and no phone in vain that we get from internet sources. This address is used to send a letter with the fans, and we have yet to verify the address. If you manage to receive or send mail, please let us know.

Also known as: Sia Furler

Birth Name: Sia Kate Isobelle Furler
Birth Place: Adelaide, Australia
Birth Date: 1975 December 18
Origin Victoria, Australia
Occupation: Singer-songwriter
Genres: trap music & hip hop
Nationality: Australian
Father: Phil B. Colson
Mother: Loene Furler

Sia Furler Real Address:

Sia Furler
c/o Crush Music
60-62 E. 11th St 7th Floor
New York, NY 10003


  1. Attention of Sia.
    Please consider a collaboration with Peter Gabriel. It would be wonderfully dynamic. Love your voice Sia and your past is an encouragement to me. We can all feel that you are a thoroughly decent lady. Think on the idea though. Would be amazing. Regards Tim Vigo

  2. Hi sia!!! I am a kid. My name is sasha. I would love to meet you!! I love your songs and you have really made me have courage! I always sing along to your songs! And i love to sing. BUt i am afraid to do it in front of people. Even my family

  3. Hello Sia i am a kid to and my name is Trystan and your voice is omigosh…..AMAZING! i sent you a card so check in your mail box ;D

  4. Hii if sia is really reading this LOL my name is Sia Karson and i am 9 years old, my mom says i look like a mini version of you and its TRUE i have blonde and have blue eyes and a tiny mole next to my mouth,i also have 3 bottom front teeth just like you! ITS A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!

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