Breanna Yde

Breanna Yde
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Breanna Yde address
Breanna Yde



  1. The Loud House – Ronnie Anne (voice) (rumored) 2020


  1. School of Rock (TV Series) – Tomika (14 episodes, 2017– ) 2017
  2. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library (TV Movie) – Akimi 2017 Post-Prod


  1. Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You (Video) – Mariah (voice) 2017
  2. Charlie at a Grown-Up Dinner (Short) – Charlie 2015
  3. Level 26: Dark Prophecy – Young Sibby Dark 2010
  4. Social Studies (Short) – Annie 2009


  1. Nickelodeon’s Sizzling Summer Camp Special (TV Movie) – Delores 2017
  2. The Loud House (TV Series) – Ronnie Anne (6 episodes, 2016–2017) 2016–2017
  3. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (TV Series) – Simone (1 episode, 2017) 2017
  4. School of Rock (TV Series) – Tomika (31 episodes, 2016–2017) 2016–2017
  5. Albert (TV Movie) – Molly (voice) 2016
  6. Nickelodeon’s Ho Ho Holiday Special (TV Movie) – Breanna Yde 2015
  7. Instant Mom (TV Series) – Grace (2 episodes, 2015) 2015
  8. The Haunted Hathaways (TV Series) – Frankie Hathaway (48 episodes, 2013–2015) 2013–2015
  9. Santa Hunters (TV Movie) – Zoey 2014
  10. The Thundermans (TV Series) – Frankie Hathaway (1 episode, 2014) 2014
  11. How I Met Your Mother (TV Series) – Little Girl (1 episode, 2011) 2011


  1. Jojo Siwa: My World (TV Movie) – Herself 2017
  2. ChannelAlexis2k6 (TV Series) – Herself (1 episode, 2017) 2017
  3. Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2017 (TV Movie) – Herself 2017
  4. Alexis Joy VIP Access (TV Series) – Herself (4 episodes, 2015–2017) 2015–2017
  5. Nickelodeon’s Not So Valentine’s Special (TV Special) – Breanna 2017
  6. Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (TV Series) – Zoey (1 episode, 2017) 2017
  7. Nickelodeon HALO Awards 2016 (TV Movie) – Herself 2016
  8. Orange Carpet Special Edition (TV Series) – Herself – Host (5 episodes, 2015–2016) 2015–2016
  9. Piper’s Picks TV (TV Series) – Herself – Guest (1 episode, 2016) 2016
  10. JoJo’s Juice (TV Series) – Herself (1 episode, 2016) 2016
  11. Young Hollywood (TV Series) – Herself (1 episode, 2016) 2016
  12. Clevver Now (TV Mini-series) – Herself (1 episode, 2016) 2016
  13. Teens Wanna Know (TV Series) – Herself – Guest (3 episodes, 2013–2015) 2013–2015
  14. The 83rd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (TV Movie) – Herself 2014
  15. Nickelodeon HALO Awards 2014 (TV Special) – Herself 2014
  16. AwesomenessTV (TV Series) – Herself (1 episode, 2014) 2014
  17. Web Heads (TV Series) – Herself – Contestant (2 episodes, 2014) 2014
  18. Quiet on the Set (TV Series) – Herself (1 episode) 2014–
  19. 82nd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (TV Special) – Herself 2013
  20. TeenNick Halo Awards (TV Special) – Herself 2013



Also known as: Breanna Yde

Birth Name: Breanna Nicole Yde

Birth Place: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Date/Age: 2003 June 11

Nationality: American, Australian

Father : Bill Yde

Mother : Justine Jane Yde

Spouse/Husband : –

Siblings: two older half sisters, two older half brothers, one older brother


Official Website

Facebook :

Twitter :


Youtube Channel :

Email address: –


Breanna Yde Address

  • Fan mail address

Breanna Yde

Coast to Coast Talent Group, 3350 Barham Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90068-1404 USA

Phone number: (323) 845-9200


  • Secondary Address

Breanna Yde

Margot Menzel 10850 Wilshire Blvd, Suite #600

Los Angeles, CA 90024

Phone number: 424.239.1233


Megan Trevino & Chris Rossi

4401 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA  90010

Phone number: 323-934-7044


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  1. Alvine Avatar

    Hi breanna iam Alvine from kenya and i like you pliz reply to my gmail address

  2. Melissa Seckold Avatar

    I would like to call you breeana

    1. munachimso obuekwe Avatar
      munachimso obuekwe

      me too i am munachimso obuekwe

  3. Alvine kipruto Avatar
    Alvine kipruto

    I would like to call you breanna

  4. Maxwell Avatar

    hi! breanna I wish you would come to kenya
    and reply

    1. Atvars Matheny Avatar
      Atvars Matheny

      Hello Breanna Yde, my name is Atvars Matheny I live in Wisconsin, pewaukee. I watched Rescue Malibu, and I thought you were awesome in that movie. I hope I can meet you one day. Please Reply A.S.A.P. thanks.

  5. Aaron Rodriguez Avatar
    Aaron Rodriguez

    Hello Breanna, I was born in the same place as you and grew up in the same place and now I moved to Manchester, United Kingdom about 5 and a half years ago and I kept on thinking about you so one day I hope I will meet you

  6. Jeff Avatar

    do you really check this comments

  7. Jordan Isaac Avatar
    Jordan Isaac

    Hello Breanna I know you are busy but I just wanted to say hi and have a chat with you sometime

    1. Lewis Avatar

      I agree with Jordan

      1. Lewis Avatar

        I think we have the same dream Jordan.
        An if you get this Breanna I want to chat with you in instagram its private

      2. Lewis Avatar

        And Breanna if we can chat in instagram may be I will introduce my self

    2. Trudy Stallings Avatar
      Trudy Stallings

      I ♥️♥️♥️U

  8. Jeswin Avatar

    Hi Bree pls reply in my gmail.
    I’m a big fan of you.
    I’ve seen all your series :- The Haunted Hathaways, School of Rock, Malibu rescue.

  9. Elius Brighton Avatar
    Elius Brighton

    Hi Breanna Yde l would like to tell you that l have a phisically challenged sister l have been taking care of her with my family and l would like to if you helped us she has been your big fan since childhood she always ask me who is tomica and l always tell her you are the actress in Nicklelodeon and l really like you to .May you receive my text please

  10. bethel cello Avatar

    hi Bree I live in Nigeria I kind of like you if you don’t like me no problem just tell me by calling this my phone number 08109157053 thank you

  11. NASI Avatar


    1. Zen Avatar

      Hi Breanna I’m a hugest fan you ever have.

    2. jaylanjackson Avatar

      hello breanna what is your phone number

  12. Zen Avatar

    Hi Breanna I’m a big fan

  13. Zala Avatar

    hi breanna i come from slovenia and i am your very big fan. I saw you in the nickelodeon series School of rock and I went to the internet to google your name and since then I have been your fan !!! You are so great and I like your character ….. you act so carefree otherwise I believe you have worries like every person in this world.
    I love animals very much. When you became my role model, I applied for an audition for the Slovenian series ….. thank you for a better life, even though I know you are not aware of it yet
    I greet you warmly and please follow me on instagram: zala_majerle

  14. Myron Aburam Avatar
    Myron Aburam

    Hi Breanna Yde my name is Myron from Ghana and I am a huge fan.
    I am also interested in music and I love your voice so if you want to make music with me,call me . (233)593053258

  15. Finn Fitch Avatar
    Finn Fitch

    Hi. I just watched School of Rock and you are my faveorite charecter of all the people there

  16. Dani Avatar

    Hi Breanna,
    My name is Dani and i’m from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I am interested in music, I like vocals a lot and I know some piano. I know you probably arn’t going to answer any one or even check this. I need someone to talk to cause i’m going through a lot in life. I have seen you in School of Rock and Malibu Rescue, the thing I like about you is when your acting you always make sure a little bit of the character has an element of your self. I know you probably don’t want to talk to an unpopular girl who’s only in grade 5 at school and you will probably think is weird and childish but I don’t know I guess it would be nice to talk to someone and you know esspecialy one of your inspirations.
    I know you probably won’t reply but i’m saying this anyway,
    please reply
    yours sincerly Dani

  17. Danso Avatar

    Hi Breanna,
    i have a crush on you and i know you are not in the relationship kind of thing but all i need is your phone number and when ever u are ready i will be waiting for u. if it does not work i hope we stay friends.

  18. Danso Avatar

    Hi Breanna,
    i have a crush on you and i need your number and i will be waiting for you.i believe u reply my gmail.

  19. Sebastian Avatar

    Hello Breanna!
    I have watched most of all your series: Malibu Rescue, and School of Rock!
    You are an awesome singer and an amazing actress!

  20. Nicholas Avatar

    Hello Breanna!
    I love your shows and want to congratulate on your upcoming Birthday. Wishing you more years.
    You are an awesome singer and i hope you did send me your Number.

  21. Somto Ogbu Avatar
    Somto Ogbu

    Hey Breanna, Happy 17th Birthday. I wish you many more years. I also hope you send me your number

  22. Nicholas Avatar

    Happy 17th Birthday Breanna.Wishing you more years and success in your career good luck on that your new song.I pray you send me your number.Reply through my

  23. Patricia Nsaje(patty) Avatar
    Patricia Nsaje(patty)

    Hi Breanna,i am Patricia from Tanzania i am 15, in appearance and statuses we are opposite i don’t know about character and personality but i am hoping if we could be friends if you don’t mind

  24. senuja rometh Avatar
    senuja rometh

    hi breanna i am a boy from sri lanka i like you and your acting so much but i have tons of problems to watch em some of the highlighted are i don’t have nickelodeon on my tv and currently i am watching school of rock on dailymotion but it does not have good quality because my wifi connection is slow. and i like to watch malibu rescue and some other movies of you but i don’t have a netflix accout and my mother does not have the money to get one. those are my problems hope you write back to my gmail address !

  25. senuja rometh Avatar
    senuja rometh

    sorry! i forgot to give you my email address

  26. senuja rometh Avatar
    senuja rometh

    sorry for being late but happy 17th birthday

  27. Omemu Holly Breana Avatar
    Omemu Holly Breana

    Hi Breanna i have a lot of things to ask you
    we some how have alot of things in common like we both love golf we love vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and sprinkles we both know how to juggle and lots of things pls your number and the same name actually i have alot of celebrity names.I am a lucky girl just like you.Pls help me make my dreams come true. I love you more than anyone

  28. Daniel Avatar

    Hi Breanna,
    I am a HUGE fan of your movies and songs, i would like you to come to Sydney, Australia because some of your fans would like you to come back, any time my little brother hears [Breanna] he would want to know when you come to Sydney, Australia so please try as much as you can to visit Sydney, Australia. I LOVE YOU!

  29. jaka2020 Avatar

    Pozdravljeni Breanna Yde
    obožujem vaše pesmi in gledal sem vse vaše filme bili.
    Res res res si želim vas avtogram moj gmail naslov je:

  30. jaka2020 Avatar

    Zdravo Breanna Yde,
    Jaz vas res obožujem in si želim dobiti vaš avtogram. Sanjal sem tem in sem mislil da ne bom dobil vašega avtograma kar so moje sanje dokler nisem videl tega članka. Res prosim da mi pošljete svoj avtogram na moj email naslov [ ] če mi boste poslali svoj avtogram bo to uresničenje moji sanj prosiiim.

  31. Miracle bonaventure Avatar
    Miracle bonaventure

    Hi brenna
    I would love to join school of rock and I am 11 of age and I love school of rock and I am glad to be your fellow school of rock actresses and because of the lock down I want you to come to Nigeria because that is the place I base

  32. zumi kesh Avatar
    zumi kesh

    wow so people actually kill themselves to meet u bre, just here to say keep up the good work champ

  33. haphy soelea Avatar

    hi breanna am like your biggest fan ever love you so very much and wish one day i can get a live conversation with you and your autograph

  34. David talyor Avatar
    David talyor

    Hi Breanna I am your biggest fan ever I love you so much so i wish i can start a conversation with you

  35. senuja rometh Avatar
    senuja rometh

    Hi Breanna your new song “Stopped Buying Diamonds” is great
    wish you good luck from sri lanka!!

  36. Seantavia Avatar

    Hey breanna it’s Seantavia love your shows Hunter Hathaways school of rock Malibu rescue those are my favorite and I love your song stop buying Diamonds

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