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Zendaya Coleman
Spider-Man: Far From Home Premiere
zendaya address
zendaya address

Tom Holland Rumored Weaves romance with Zendaya Coleman. Both are rumored to the closer since playing together in Spider-Man: Homecoming. As reported by from AceShowbiz, Tom and Zendaya reportedly have links to special since the process of filming Spider-man. Both look cover her relationship from the public, but they look the holidays together. A source said if both are very clever to hide their relationship from the public.

Also known as: Zendaya

Birth Name: Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman

Birth Place: Oakland, California, United State

Birth Date/Age: 1996 September 1

Occupation: Singer and Actress

Nationality: American

Father : Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

Mother : Claire Stoermer

Spouse/Husband : –


Official Website


Facebook : facebook.com/Zendaya

Twitter : twitter.com/zendaya

Instagram: instagram.com/zendaya

Google+  : plus.google.com/u/0/+liamariejohnson

Youtube  : youtube.com/channel/UCKjrT7t9h6GsSkzhFe0ccDA

Email address: –


Zendaya Coleman Address

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Zendaya Coleman

Monster Talent Management, Inc.

6333 West Third Street

Suite 912 Los Angeles,

CA 90036 USA

Phone number: (323) 965-9696


  1. Hey Zendaya if you are reading this I want to let you know that you are beautiful and you ate my role model and I love KC undercover I never mid a episode I love you

  2. Hi ZENDAYA I’m a 13 year old girl who wants to know what Cameron boyce type of style was beacuse I want to make a fashion line as a tribute to him. Another thing is that why dosent Disney hold auditions other places, other countries. Would you talk to a 13 year old black girl.

  3. Hi Zendaya. I am a 12 year old girl. I saw a video where you said that girls can do anything. I am now taking your advice from that video. I am now a level five excel gold gymnast. Thank you for having faith in all of us girls. I love you.

  4. I love you Zendaya you are my favorite actress and singer

    I’m a huge fan i really wish i could meet you in real life

    Love you so much Zendaya
    Love Deserae Chiles

    1. Hi Zendaya! If you are reading this I really am a crazed fan. I sent you a letter but I don’t know if you got it or not because I am from Tennessee and it is a long way away. If you did get it you probably read the part where it said how much we love you and then “Please respond” well if you can’t do that it is ok just pls try bc we love u so much and we want to know you better.
      Your fans,
      Emmie and Mattie

  5. Hi Zendaya I am a big fan of you when I was little I love your video of K. C undercover I wish you could do more . Every day I always write about you . On 2018 you were on dancing with the stars. I am so happy to write this note to you . Thank you for reading what I have written about you . Be safe

  6. Hay Zendaya I can not believe I can send this message to you I am a huge fan and I hope your safe during this covid -19 and any way so I love your tv shows KC Undercover and Shake It Up those tv shows got me threw some really tough times and I have one tiny little question for you can you go on the Masked Singer please I mean your a great singer and your buddy Bella Thorne was the Swan on last season which was season 3 please go on you can problebly win the golden mask I believe in you I know its tough it is tough here in Greensboro NC the Mayor just made us where masks every where we go I hope it is better where you live then here

    Your fan,

  7. Zendaya, if you are reading this, I just want to say that you are my role model, I can’t wait to see you in Dune, and I love your personality and singing voice. Thanks for everything you do.

  8. Zendaya you are like a big sister to me even tho you have no idea who i am. I love watching K.C undercover!! You are so inspiring. I just want to say thank you.

  9. hey Zendaya my name is Amera i love your kc under cover i always laugh at it when i watch you and zac efron sing the rewrite the stars song it makes me want to cry i love so so so so so so so so much i wish i can see you i hope your still alive if was at at your place it would feel like heaven i wish i can go there and hug you and take picture of me and you together Love: Amera gabrell cooley.

  10. I want to know if I can meet you in person I am 10 years old and I look up to you you are my role model plz gmail me I love you and I am a girl

  11. Zendaya i have seen all of your movies and shows my favorite is shake it up how did you become and actor become my biggest dream of all time is acting on disney that all i ever want to do was dance and act and that was my dream since i was 3 so i was asking can you tell me how yo became an actor so i can follow the steps also i am 12. My name is Robert Grayson

  12. Hi Zendaya!! You probably don’t read this but I really look up to you and was wondering if you could maybe send me an email back it would mean the world to me and I just wanted to say you are like my favorite person in the world I love you so much! Please please please send me an email

  13. Hi Zendaya I really like ur acting skills ever since I watched KC I knew that u r good u r my favorite actress and I mean it that autograph is for my brother and his Birthday 24th July he’s turning 10 If u could wish him a happy birthday from his brother George We love u!!! Never change be u and try to have it all as u said in KC love u My best wishes.

  14. I love U so much I have watch alll ur shows and ur music ur the bomb and in KC undercover I love how smart u are and how u always make fun of Ernie I wish I had the time t be in a movie with you

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