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Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson

Born the year 1982 it has just released his latest single entitled “Love So Soft” after a long hiatus. Kelly Clarkson is an American singer, songwriter, actress and also a famous writer once managed to become the first winner on the show American Idol. He will release his latest album on the upcoming October entitled “Art of Life” and give a bonus for the fans on iTunes, IE downloading the song “Move You” for free.

He has signed a new contract with Atlantic Records last year 2016. After ending a contract with RCA Records. Kelly also won 2 Grammy Award in 2006 for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album. Kelly is rumored to currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. to more clearly about Kelly Clarkson, you can read the biography below


Also known as: Kelly Clarkson

Birth Name: Kelly Brianne Clarkson

Birth Place: Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.

Birth Date/Age: 1982 April 24

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Author

Nationality: American

Father : Stephen Michael Clarkson

Mother : Jeanne Taylor

Spouse/Husband :


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Kelly Clarkson

Starstruck Entertainment, Inc.

40 Music Square West Nashville, TN 37203 USA

Phone number: (615) 259-5200



  1. I watch the voice and love the banter between the coaches. I love Kelly’s song “Because of You” . I just wanted to tell you when the girl that sang that song last night it gave me chills. She did an awesome job. It was nice to hear the story behind the song. It’s always been a favorite of mine I aways turn the radio up when it’s played. Reba and Kelly do a great job with this song.

  2. Sitting here watching your show with Christy Brinkley, the part you said about having all that money made me un NJ sick. I know you said u came from no money, but it seems that you were throwing in the people like me that have no money, no car, no savings. Etc. After that comment I will not be watching your show or my very favorite the Voice. Be careful what you say, it can offend people.

  3. Kelly,
    Saw you on the Voice November 4th with an entirely different look from head to toe. You looked fabulous! I’m hoping you hired a new stylist. Those klunky shoes, belts and matronly dresses really don’t suit your vibrant personality.

    1. There is a lady here in our town of Blountville Tennessee that is trying to raise two boys one with special needs I think you would be moved by her story she is on facebook her name is Tabitha Nunley . I would love to see her story on your show, she is sick and has a hard time taking care of her son’s her car is breaking down and no way to get another one she has a home thru Habitat for humanity but they are charging her with two mortgages . You can contact me if you would like I can tell you more .

    1. Wow, I cant believe this comment! So you your saying that all beautiful people should be thin? There are many beautiful people in the world, including Kelly Clarkson who are just naturally beautiful people inside and out! Weight has nothing to do with anything and does not make you better, stronger, more successful or happier. Wow this is unreal!

  4. Kelly, because of you I have learned to be happier and kinder! I love the way you focus on being happy and positive and you are always speaking kind of others. Your a real Idol! I watch your show everyday and not only do you make me laugh, but you make me over-all just feel good after watching your show. I love the way you engage with celebrities, it makes me feel like I am getting to really know them. I also love the way you engage with ordinary folks and always so positive. I never really cared for talk shows much until I watched your show and I am a huge fan! Its perfect and your show is going to be the biggest hit ever! I wish you the best! Keep being you and spreading all that wonderful, positive, fun, funny, loving energy! (your kids are adorable too!) Hope to meet you some day on the show! Happy Holidays! Cheers!

  5. Kelly, I have been a nurse for 34 years then in early 2019 I became very ill. By May I was almost dead and was sent to a number one trauma unit. It was there they found out I have cancer. I have lymphoma it is not curable but manageable. I have had all the IV treatments I can and now on a medication that cost 13000.00 a month. My daughter is having a fund raiser in January to raise money to help with my cost of this medicine. I would love if it is in your schedule for you to come. If not that is fine and God Bless you always.

  6. Hello Kelly, my name is Lisa and I want to start off by saying I know you get tons of people writing you with help or some sort of request so I am not going to ask for nothing. I just wanted to see if you could like my page or just let others know that I have posted message about an amazing man! My father Edward Johansen. He has helped so many people all his life financially and spiritually. My Dad has been battling with the loss of his vision and memory since 2018. And now he is unaware that he has now lost his home due to a house fire on December 27, 2019. I had no intention to even message you. I had reached out to a organization that my father has helped significantly and financially during their time of need which was a also a fire. When I reached out to the head director, he told me that there was no help he could provide and that I could figure it out eventually. I replied with “Thank you very much.” and hung up. I was so hurt and felt as though he never even considered being thoughtful at all. He knew exactly how my father was so gracious to help his organizations when they had a devastating fire as well and gave no thought that my family lost everything. Even a simply I will pray for you and your family during this time of need. NOTHING HUMAN CAME FROM HIS VOICE. I cried for a bit and I said to myself that man just blessed my father with unconditional blessing from others. Again Ellen I am not asking for money or a house, I am just asking if you could please like my daughters Go Fund me or simply let others know that my parents are in need of help through their devastation and displacement. If it is too much I thank you and send blessing for all that you do to help others Ellen. Blessings, Lisa Johansen

  7. I love Kelly Clarkson’s new show, and I love her on the voice…..however, for the love of god who is dressing this talented woman. I would have to work hard to find some of the ugly clothes she wares. Somebody with taste please help her out.

  8. Hi my 12 years old Goddaughter Angelica, has gone through allot, she lost her twin brother Matthew, she has diabetes and now is struggling with Tourette’s.

    My God Daughter will be sing Unbreakable by Janelle Monáe an Kelly Clarkson at the Confirmation reception On March 23 at Paradise Banquet Hall Concord, Ontario.

    I was hoping the two of you can sing the song with my Goddaughter.

  9. Hi Kelly, I just wanted to say I love your show. You are down to earth, empathetic, funny and very entertaining. I love your positive approach and the fact that you interview real people as well as celebs. I have particularly enjoyed the broadcasts from your ranch when we get to see you as you are without the hair, makeup and lighting. I happen to think your natural look is much nicer. Anyhow, keep up the good work.

  10. Hello my name is Mark Bennett I live in Portland Oregon. I am just one of over 650,000 Americans on dialysis. We need your help of any kind to get our stories out there. To inform Americans of the truth about being on dialysis and the companies that run them. And to make them understand this could be them some day. We need new and stronger regulations on these clinics. Ones that protect the patience and the people that service us. I feel that if your reporters look into the companies that run them, and the money they are making on the lives of sick Americans. They will find a story worth reporting. We as patience need to raise money so they can start and run the human trails of the artificial kidney implant. t.

  11. Hello Kelly, Hope you get to see this. I don’t want anything except to send you a story of my journey about my wife’s Dementia. I am 85 years old and my wife is 83. Probably won’t be around much longer, but I wanted someone like you to read what I wrote about Dementia. There are so many folks with this disease in the world. It is not about the medical side of Dementia but the Personal Side. My goal is to have AARP or Oprah or someone print it with my only reason to help someone who is just starting to enter this journey with a family member. No other reason than to help someone vision what they have to look forward too. It takes much Love. If this does REALLY get to you, I would email it to you. The backside of this story is that I always wanted to write a song that would feature the love and care that it takes for this journey. I won’t be able to do that , but maybe along with some lines I jotted down, maybe you could in your spare time during this Stay at Home time put together something that the world would understand. I would also send a brief write up of our life together that may put things more into perspective. After 65 years of marriage our love for each other will never end. Thank you Kelly. Richard

  12. Do you know when Kelly Clarkson will return to performing in Las Vegas? My wife and I had a trip set to go to Las Vegas to see her perform right as the Corona virus broke out and we would still like to see her in person.

  13. how do i get in touch with kelly clarkson herself? what is her home address so i can send a letter?

    1. I love your show and most of all, listening to you sing! I’ve been watching you pay mortgages for people during this time of struggle. I have a daughter who has been through so many struggles in the last three years, starting with her son’s near fatal car accident. By the grace of God, he recovered! After that my daughter had to have her thyroid removed and she got pneumonia and went through a rough recovery. She couldn’t stay where she was living, so she managed to buy a condo, which she used her 401K money for. In 2019, she got slapped with a $16,000 tax bill from the IRS. Now she lost her job since the coronavirus and has been struggling to pay her bills. I know that you really love helping people out so I’m hoping you can be of assistance to her. She loves you as much as I do!

  14. My mom, great grandmother my grandmother are still alive we have 6 generations of all races I would like to surprise them and show them how special they all are, how? and can you help me?

  15. We have watched from the very first show and you have always been entertaining and made us laugh. One of the reasons we liked you so much was because you weren’t political like all the other talk shows. Well now you have ruined the show for us by becoming political like all the others. We no longer look forward to your often hilarious interviews and fun segments. The show was a respite from the constant bombardment of negative stuff but this turn of segments no longer interests us.

  16. Kelly, your concept of “If you’re having a bad day, just change it” has truly changed my way of thinking about life. I take care of my ill husband and sometimes it can be rough, so I think of you and turn the situation around. You often wear a turquoise and gold ring which I love, so I saved up and had a gold ring with an oval turquoise stone in the middle made. Wearing it makes me think of your inspiring words right away. Thought you might like to know what a far reaching influence you truly are. You are one in a million. Thank you for being just you.

  17. Hello Kelly: You may be the most upbeat and talented person on TV right now! That being said, I wanted to comment on the closing line you use in your show…I believe you say: “If it isn’t a good day, just change it.” Being someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, every time I hear you say this I think to myself…if only it were that easy! So, I thought I would just point this out to you and suggest perhaps a change in the way you say your closing line…perhaps something like: “If it isn’t a good day, you have the power to change it!” Or, “If it isn’t a good day, find a way to make it better!” I love you and I love your show! Keep being the amazing woman that you are! Maybe some day I will make it to your show and be able to see you in person! Thanks for listening, Linda

  18. Hello Kelly,
    Just heard you sing today at beginning of your show and you did the Judd’s hit “Why Not Me.” I love your country roots and would love to hear you did a new release of old country music as I love classic country music. Gives you an idea that even people in their 80’s love to hear you sing. Hope to hear soon you have released an album of country music.

  19. I hate having to say I am a 70 year old white male who would like to make the claim I am color blind, when I wasn’t raised in a family that was. But I am sure not going to pass this along to my children or my mixed race grandchildren. Noting I would like you to inform the beautiful young lady who stood up to the towering white and apparently very strong white male during the protest she was involved in. Where she deserves the gratitude from everyone, seeing that she also recognizes all lives matter. Wearing a mask, she not only represented Black Live Matters but making sure all she comes in contact with remain protected, if she by chance contracts Covid-19. Having been both a firefighter and peace officer, I always felt that respecting other as I would want to be respected left me making friends not enemies, no matter what race, gender or age. Providing them alternatives to what they wanted to do and keeping them from violating the law did matter. Which was much better than confronting them and if by chance they did violate some law, but had not caused damage and did not flunk the attitude check why violate them? Where if all law enforcement took on the attitude prevention versus enforcement was the priority, we would see more supporters and less confrontation. But today when all live are at stake, especially like me, one of the most vulnerable, we need more of our elected official requiring masks and more Law Enforcement enforcing mandatory mask wearing. Noting there is no excuse for anyone to be so selfish to not only risk their lives but more importantly others by not wearing a simple $5.00 mask, which there is no constitutional right to not wear a mask and violating my rights to be protected from them. Where if we continue to let people get away with not wearing them, the drastic rate of cases and deaths, especially among those of color is totally unacceptable and I would have a hard time giving anyone the benefit of the doubt and just site them if enforcing a law to wear them.

    So again thanks to this young women for her courage and hope she remains safe and healthy with her smile making my day even if covered with a mask.

    Thanks for getting the word out.


  20. Simply wanted to state how adorable you look without all the eye makeup you use to wear. You have such a wonderful,”natural beauty” during these quarantine times. Your inner beauty shines bright! God bless you, Susan

  21. Nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to put some makeup on when you know you are going to be on TV. Women these days sure seem to not care how they look.

  22. Hi Kelly-Clarkson I was wondering if you could just give me a call when you can I’m a huge fan of your music so like I said call me back so I can tell you what happened in my life source about my grandma and stuff love you
    Samantha Hayward

  23. Dear Kelly,
    I’d like to offer you a “COMPLIMENTARY” session with a Canadian Intuitive, Soul Coach, Life Coach, who is always well received Internationally.
    No strings attached, in appreciation!

  24. HERO since the America idol i have looked up to you. Your accomplishments are huge. Singing, acting and most important, family. I am just looking for a penpal. I have seizures and cant work. Im not a scary obsessed. I love Kellyoke. My life is a diaster. You are hslping me to see i can di it. If you just wanna chat i am here. Thanks!

  25. Kelly, your are the most beautiful person, inside and out. I have watched The Voice every season but have most enjoyed the shows where you are sitting in your chair – shining! You radiate joy and I am always moved by the support for and comments you make about the contestants. You always look so amazing. I wish you had a clothing line so some of us could feel as beautiful and confident as you appear. Give it some thought. There is a huge population of women that would love wearing a line designed by the one and only, Kelly Clarkson.

  26. I watch your show almost every day and love it. BUT we have a problem. When you did your speel with JOYUS I had order some gifts on 12/2/2020 and still have not relieved one as of yet. I went to the Joyus web site which keeps referring me to go to Stack Social web site and still have got neither the product nor my money refund back. It is a big run around. This has been done at least 5 times. Neither of them give a telephone number to call. Just for your own knowledge of your promotion, how many other people are having the same problem? This is not a good situation on your behalf. Seeing you promoted it here are the facts. Order # 17119702 and the product was Retro TV Game Console. I had ordered it for a Christmas gift for my great grand children. I am hoping YOU can resolve this mess because it is not working for me and decided to go to the source. A letter has been sent to your address also followed up by a phone call.

  27. Hi Kelly you are such an amazing young lady, so beautiful, love your personality, a singer like no other.. you are sooo talented and funny. I love your tv show and so heartfelt.
    If you are ever able to give me a call I left a vm with my number or e-mail me please. We are such fans. Bless you. I am the Founder of a 501c3 animal organization in Bullhead City, AZ. S.A.I.N.T. Saving Animals In Need Together. 2009
    I look forward to hearting from you. You would make our Day!!! Be Safe Kelly and your family.

  28. Thank you Kelly for speaking with the First Lady regarding Divorce. There are still taboos associated with divorce that needs awareness. I am twice divorced and its a traumatic experience that we don’t want or ask for or bring on. Outsiders think we just wake up one day and file for divorce. Keep doing what you are doing. Bring awareness to divorce. The stigma has caused family members of mine to avoid me like the plague. And my ex does the smear campaign thing. My adult children are still hanging in the balance of the toxic environment they grew up in. Keep bringing awareness. It’s a pain that never goes away thanks to the stigma that still exists.

  29. Kelly Clarkson,
    You are like my favorite singer on the voice.
    I have a surprise for you.
    ok here the surprise
    I was born and raised in Fortworth, Texas.
    Just like you, I love to sing.
    My favorite song is Death bed (Coffee for your head).
    Hope you love this comment.
    I am:
    Kymari A. Knighton
    From: Fortworth, Texas
    Born: November 5, 2005
    Age: 15
    I am a gospel Singer, Songwriter, and vocalist.
    love you kelly Clarkson.
    And I speak another language.

    -Kymari A. Knighton
    my email:

  30. I love you Kelly Clarkson and love that she is so positive. My favorite song that she sang was” Because of you ” and Stronger. I am a songwriter, a singer, and a actress. I started singing because of you. Thank you for that!
    I am:
    Adelina Skye Kim Age: 9 Born: January 31st, 2012 From California, San Francisco
    Speak: English, Korean. I love you Kelly Clarkson

  31. I love you Kelly Clarkson and love that she is so positive. My favorite song that she sang was” Because of you ” and Stronger. I am a songwriter, a singer, and a actress. I started singing because of you. Thank you for that!
    I am:
    Adelina Skye Kim Age: 9 Born: January 31st, 2012 From California, San Francisco
    Speak: English, Korean. I love you Kelly Clarkson you are my favorite singer in the whole wide universe.

  32. Love you you Kelly, very talented all around. But one thing really annoys me on The Voice: When a talent finishes their performance please stop screaming and hollering. None of the other judges do it. It is quite annoying and shows no class.

  33. It seems everyone loves you. I can’t blame them. You make all of us feel better. Kelly a friend of mine needs help. He has been struggling with cancer. Maybe you can refer us to an organization that can help his family keep their home. Thank you,Shirley

  34. It seems everyone loves you. I can’t blame them. You make all of us feel better. Kelly a friend of mine needs help. He has been struggling with cancer. Maybe you can refer us to an organization that can help his family keep their home. Thank you, Shirley

  35. hi Kelly
    I love you on the voice and love all your songs and love you to and wished you come visit me at 2 Tremont St Warren Pennsylvania 16365 by the happy belated birthday

  36. Watch your show all the time, and love it and you. I do have a quick question for you. Have you ever been checked for a garter? I had one and am drawn to the sign of the thyroid.

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