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Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert


Stephen Colbert is a comedian and actor, also a writer. At the beginning of the year 2017 last January, he had announced that he would run for President of the United States. It says while filling the show CBS in Russia. He is also believed to guide the prestigious Emmy Awards 2017 event.

Also known as: Stephen Colbert

Birth Name: Stephen Tyrone Colbert

Birth Place: Washington, D.C., United States

Birth Date/Age: 1964 May 13

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: American

Father : James William Colbert, Jr.

Mother : Lorna Elizabeth Colbert

Spouse/Wife : Evelyn McGee-Colbert (Married. 1993)


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  1. Why are you always attacking people for their physical attributes? You may think you are funny, I find you pathetic. And also most viewers could care less about your political views so stay out of politics and try to learn how to be funny again. I think you cencored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Why don’t you ask the same of Donald? He’s the current King of “attacking people for their physical attributes”. I give you a “thumbs down”.

      1. What about Pelosi making fun of Trump for his wait?
        With all the Botox in her stupid face ? That is O.K. with you?

    2. Where does Colbert get his poll data… some liberal site of course.. and more witnesses? Why? are these impeachable offenses? NO..just angry liberal hypocrites. Suck it up Colbert.

      1. COVID-19 would be less offensive if it only infected the deluded people in the USA who still think that Impeached President Donald Trump has done a beautiful job with it. And YES, for your information, the offenses Trump was accused of, and which he clearly is guilty of, are and were impeachable, but when you’ve got control of the senate, whether you’re a democrat OR a republican, it can be very difficult to convict a guilty person, especially when Mitch is your Bitch. Trump said that warm April weather would knock out the virus, it is now May, and the virus is still with us. And we’re also still waiting for the “miracle” he said would kill it off. Folks who continue to defend such an obvious liar, boggle the intelligent mind.

        1. Michael:
          NO ONE will be able to “control” this virus. It is a respiratory virus that will move its way through the population at its own pace, in its own time. Most of the population immunity is taking place without us seeing it or being aware of it, because the majority of the population has more than adequate immunity to defend themselves against it. When it finds its way into an otherwise health individual, most don’t have symptoms or have very minor symptoms. After the exposure triggers that individual’s immune system, they are immune and will defend themselves against the virus with any future exposures. After about 10 days to two week following their exposure they no longer shed the virus and can no longer potentially give it to anyone else. At this point, about 60 to 75% of the generally healthy individuals in this country have converted an are protected. That is why, since mid January, measured “cases” (which really means exposures) have shown a relentless and precipitous drop. This natural immunity combined with vaccinating our most vulnerable population above the age of 75, will have this thing mostly shut down by mid to late May. You have to understand, however, that NOTHING anyone can do will be able to completely irradiate this virus. We are never able to completely irradiate standard respiratory viruses such as influenza which behave in a very similar way. The vast majority of people who are exposed to the COVID virus DO NOT get ill, or if they do it is very minor. Healthy children have almost no vulnerability to the virus, in fact, medical literature shows that standard influenza is more deadly to the pediatric population than COVID is. So to say that any one politician has, or has not done a “beautiful job” or has not done a beautiful job is, frankly, ignorant. NO POLICY OR MANDATE will have any measurable positive impact on the behavior of this virus. Masks, the way they are being used do not have any significant impact (look up what the CDC’s position on the use of masks in the face of respiratory viruses says). As a physician, I can tell you that non of these measures are having any real impact. But if you are a politician, you don’t want to ever admit that there is not anything you can do about something, so you make stuff up to create the illusion that you are making a difference to placate the people (essentially lie to them). Not Trump, not Biden, not any of the egocentric psychopaths in Washington can do anything about how this virus chooses to move its way through the human population. If you really believe that all these measures have a snowballs chance in hell to change the Covid-19 epidemiology, than you are very gullible and under informed. I have found that people tend to believe what they want to believe, especially when it suits their needs.
          Douglas E Rapisarda, MD

        2. Michael:
          As a physician I just want to say that there is NOTHING any human being can do about the spread of this virus. If your read the science, and understand it ( which most talk show hosts and politicians are incapable of doing) you will understand that the virus will, and is, finding its way through the population at its own pace, in its own time IN SPITE of any of these ridiculous measures that are pushed into peoples lives. Saying that any politician did or did not do a “beautiful job” is ridiculous. Read the science in the medical literature and you will find that nothing we are doing has had any real impact on the natural progression of the C
          OVID virus through out population. The biggest problem we have is that the politicians do not know how to admit when there is nothing they can do about an “uncontrollable” situation. So they predictably take to making things up (lying) to make it look like they are actually doing something. Its almost comical. I find that people will create narrative mostly to suite their self-centered needs. Thats the real pandemic.
          Douglas E Rapisarda, MD

    3. YEAH COLBERT YOUR A POS BITCH FOR PELOSI. JUST BECAUSE YOUR CANDIDATE DIDN’T WIM GO F%^&k OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. your excessive use of exclamation marks is totally unnecessary and you’ve spelled “censored” wrong. But your grammar is also problematic, so what the heck.

    5. I understand you are a comedian. America needs relief with what is transpiring in the world today. However you are going overboard to line you’re own pockets with your attempts to undermine America with your attempts at political humor. While this has worked in the past with other presidents in their time in history, we are now in uncharted territory with COVID 19. We need to come together as one country, one nation, one world, and support all the heroes to get through this period in history. People need to come together and not be separated by political dived which is already rampant in our country. You want to be remembered for something,in history, work on bringing the country together instead of taking the easy road and dividing it by your poor attempts at humor. Be a hero, and go to bring the country together and not to divide the country based on your beliefs or the lining of your pockets during this pandemic on your beliefs.or CBS ratings. Be a man with conviction. History will remember you if you are true as it will the doctors, nurses, police, EMT, and all the other front line heroes. please go for pulling the people together rather than dividing which is the easy way out which is to line your pockets with higher ratings during this time. Be a f”in man and help!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Amen Brother after last night’s performance I will never turn on to his show again. You think you can do better than do it. Sad to know this is what he is teaching his kids. Bring people together, talk about the positives (and there are victories) than all the negative crap.

      2. You got that right Chuck! You have to realize that old Steve here is paid to carry these narratives though. He has to live and die by his ratings and mostly does what he’s told. Like many of our public figures today, he abides by his marching orders. Its very similar to Biden’s teleprompter. He really belongs back in Canada in my view.

    6. Why are you watching a comedian you find unfunny and pathetic? Why do you think ‘most viewers couldn’t care less ‘ about Stephen‘a political views? ( apparently, you care enough to rant about them) . Why do you think they are HIS viewers if they share YOUR views? Why do you think you have the right to tell Stephen to stay out of politics? And finally, if you are going to censor Stephen, why don’t you learn how to spell it?

    7. This is satire. This is not factual. I cant prove anyone said anything. I wasnt standing beside this individual when they said what was shown on TV
      I would just like to point out that Tom MacC**ntok, has great eyes, almost as good as my eyes – and mine are perfect. He saw all those riots with all the people, people and he knows they were treated exactly the same. People were tear gassed(the same) people who were overseeing it were in black outfits(the same) with their faces covered and people were having their rights administered by being pulled away and beaten(the same). See totaly the same, everyone that causes a disturbance and goes against the states gets fair and equal treatment. I dont know if the private army was used for all riots, but if we check pay stubs, transportation cameras leave records and ticket organizers, these brave heros – our proud black shirted boys (and girls, dont want to be called sexist – you know those girls can do anything these days. Great jokers you should here the funny stuff their going to do) can be respected for their patriotic stand. Tom said it was exactly the same so he stands behind us telling me that, it must be the same C3. If I could I would give them all a medal of freedom. I love you all.
      See you for: Naz Te Party 2024
      *Again this is satire *The only thing that could be true is that C3 (look it up yourself)and recordings matched to individuals/groups transportation records will locate everyone. You might want to take a vacation for seven years out of country. I have a loud mouthed daughter in law where I am who, due to the americans(dual citis.) running her part of our country seems to think that the more attention she causes the more important she is and the more people love and respect her for promoting the same B.S. (Born a brat grew up to be a loud mouth brat)I think the kids are going to miss her unfortunately, my son and the dogs won’t. (no joke)

      Oh yea, go ahead and email me, I can go throuh the email structure a find out exactly who sent it and what organization server sent it, contrary to who you are trying to say you are, right anne. (If what they show in movies is accurate)Just like every inteligence group in the world is now doing: except with a Clear and present danger with much more vigor and better tools and younger,more attractive, smarter pros, not forgetting the mature distinguished managers on the case.(be kind) I agree and put forward that any democractic country can use my email to triangulate transmission source timings, typdelimited information and whatever usefull information that there is to find individuals and groups attacking the Democratic country of the republic of the United States of Americans and what it stands for. Have you figured out what is attacking the american people yet(not who)? * Sorry about the spelling, dyslexic, and too old to care. Anyone of you E.I. (Educated Idiots)with a degree in english and/or a photographic memory that feels they need to point it out. No one has ever truly loved you. To all of you, seriously grow the F— Up. Its not to hard to figure out what is abuseing you. Follow the money. Thats what you need to do create a great big internet game (like geocashing) of dates, meetings, support, contributions and rewards(straight up cash or infrastructure)Identify the donkey team wranglers/outriders and drivers trail boss that shot the guns off to start the stampeed, and the outriders that pushed it along. There you will find your answer. Then you could go deeper if you want, like finding out who anne is. The rest of you who dont want to know or find out who is attacking americans, you trolls can go play with yourselves in the corner instead of on the internet.

    8. Agreed. I have the following to add for old Stevarino. Steve has a few not well know problematic physical attributes himself. I enter the following with a special focus on his narrative driven position on the discontinuation of some of the Dr Suess children’s books. I was so relieved to hear that the Canadian and his writers think that the banning was “responsible.” The fact is, it is only an opinion. In America, their opinion is no more important than anyone else’s. I for one think that the banning of any Dr Seuss book is IRRESPONSIBLE. I offer the following insight as it pertains to Mr Colbert:

      Definition: COLBERT OPERATION
      A Colbert Operation is a non-intelligent operation intended to conceal the identity of the sponsor (and the truth) to create a political effect affecting the internal population of the country.


      You gave it your blessings
      You have to be right
      so very important
      talk head on Late Night

      The Seuss is an icon
      His best in his years
      I know you won’t listen
      You have but one ear

      God gave us ears two
      to listen more clear
      and only one mouth
      to temper our smear

      A lesson you missed
      by the seat of your smug
      You most insolent impetuous
      presumptuous thug

      Just paid to opine
      without even a clue
      Don’t think for yourself
      It’s not what you do

      Who’s to say what intention’s
      behind all these books
      It’s very subjective
      It’s all how you look

      Opinions for one
      but not your’s to impose
      Mine is for me
      to hold as I chose

      Ban this and ban that
      Self righteous with glee
      It’s not about truth
      but hegemony

      Just be controlling
      Disguise it as change
      Impose your opinion
      Enforce, rearrange

      I’m not quite on board
      with what you opine
      I see this quite different
      I do have a spine

      I have the Seuss books
      great copies I’ll make
      My freedom of speech
      will not ever you take

      Wake up its America
      Home of the free
      ALL speech is protected
      Oh say can you see.

      Douglas Rapisarda

  2. Re ‘D/T’s tweet of yesterday 21/03, Re’ Comey, he tweets that Comey is a SHADEY character.A 10 year old would know that it’s spelt SHADY.( tweets are done by D/T himself, so this can’t be blamed on somebody else)This coming from a self-professed genius! Ha Ha.This genius is a disgrace to the great country America.When he appears on TV the viewers tend to laugh, such is his standing abroad.This Bugger is nuts surely there is a better, more moral person to be POTUS. Please use this as ‘grist to your mill’.After this serial sex abuser became POTUS it has been Sex, Sex all the way.Fox news has been renamed FUCKS NEWS and their chief newscaster is FU…R Carlsen.
    The White House news chief is Sarah.Fu..erBEE. Is it possible? Yes do it carefully or you may get stung.please use these in your show

  3. So, foolish D/T supporters want him nominated for the Nobel prize! This seems to be an obvious put up job by paid actors. Many of those shouting Nobel, Nobel I am sure don’t know what it stands for.Trump should of course win hands down the Nobel Prize for Sexual abuse of women.What a bloody Sharade

  4. You are a total idiot when trump is all through I wish you would have to publicly apologize for what you have said…….Jack Knight Fairfield Montana

  5. Thank God for our President and the United States. If it wasn’t for Donald Trump you wouldn’t have anything to talk about. A very poor excuse for entertainment.

    1. Did any of you know that Steven Colbert is a Jew and he was ashamed of his name and he knew he would never get a job in television if they knew this so he changed his name he is A POMPAS ASS he is not funny making fun of our Great President and his Beautiful Wife. You Jerk Colbert if you can’t think up any jokes on your own then join the unemployment line or live off of welfare checks.

      1. Could you please tell me what kind of “jew” is Roman Catholic? People who don’t know what they’re talking about ought to keep their mouths shut, but then Impeached President Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about and has a hard time keeping his mouth shut. Hmm, Irish Catholic Jews? Nope, I don’t think so, but then, why would it matter unless you’re a bigot?

        Your comments are especially odd in that Judith is a feminine given name derived from the Hebrew name יְהוּדִית or Yehudit, meaning “woman of Judea”. Judith appeared in the Old Testament as one of Esau’s wives, while the deutero-canonical Book of Judith deals with a different Judith.

    2. Colbert = Stupid Jew blood in you, can’t see anything greater than yourself! All your decisions are guided by fear!

  6. Dear Stephen:
    Here’s something for you and your writers to consider:

    Donald Trump is the highest ranking Russian “mole” in the US Government.

  7. Dear Mr. Colbert,
    I don’t think the pres. will qualify for an Ig Nobel prize either. Cant we just call him MR president or maybe MR P. for short I am tired of hearing the word that is used in trick taking card games every single day for the past 2 years. not a single day has passed without that word coming up. Well if you can go a whole day without saying the “T ” word You and a guest can come to dinner at our house. Just let me know if you make it and we can set a date .

  8. Dear Stephen, you are right on the mark! We look forward every night to watching your show. It’s too bad that the audiences (and Jon) rarely understand what you are saying…

  9. Why are my comments being censored? All I’ve said is that Stephen is right on the mark and that his audiences (and Jon) don’t understand most of what he’s saying.

  10. From an avid fan to a disappointed rarely watcher, I am grieved by how you’ve changed. Your continuous bashing of Trump is grossing me out – even though I’m not fond of Trump myself. Your trashing of his family is beyond disgusting! From always watching you to being barely able to stand you? Wow!

  11. Stephen Colbert is brilliant, he is funny, he is gorgeous and he is, hands down, the bravest man in America. His cutting edge humor appeals to intelligent people which, of course, leaves out the Trump voters. Not to worry, however. Trump voters are not watching The Late Show because they are too busy slobbering over their cheeseburgers and buckets of greasy chicken.

    1. Hey colbert — we share one thing in common – our birthdates – both born on May 13 th – although i am
      Older than you – one thing i hope that i live to hear on
      The news someday – is about your death — that’s right-
      I said it – you dont have to worry about me personally-
      I value my life way too much to throw it away on a POS
      like you– you are NOT a comedian – you are a vile and
      Disgusting excuse of a human being .

      1. Clifford I am with you 100% I can’t stand that POMPAS ASS as for Lana Green statement she is as stupid as Colbert another liberal Nancy Polosi.Yes Lana we eat chicken not listen to chicken shit Colbert.

    2. Lani, you are disgusting! He should be making funny jokes like Johnny Carson and not politics which is always aimed at the President! You and him must be a Dem! How disgusting he had Pelosi on! Then he had shifty Schiff, the most crooked one and a liar! You must be in kindergarten with your comments! I don’t watch his show, I’d rather watch what’s going on with the impeachment! Obviously you’d rather watch something funny- oh you are really intelligent! By the way, I’m not slobbering cheeseburgers or greasy chicken, I like fruit! YOU ARE REALLY SOMETHING ELSE! You are the type of person I hate!!!

    3. Colbert is a pompous arrogant a-hole. He and that scrawny Seth Myers are obsessed over Trump. They, like the rest of the liberal pukes can’t get over Trump beating Old Crooked Hillary. Get over it you POS cry babies, because Trump is going to get 4 more years. So you should thank Trump for all that material he gives you, so you can stay on the air. Otherwise, you idiots have nothing else to make a show.

  12. Trump needs to be labeled like he labels his “victims.” Maybe that would bring a hint of sanity to him. I think “Comrade Pinocchio the Lying King” fits perfectly with this FAKE POTUS.

  13. Joke on Kavanaugh Nomination.
    It has just been disclosed that Brett Kavanaugh had a closet full of various costumes that he wore when invited to bachelorette parties.

  14. Thoroughly enjoy your show,especially the way you rip on Tr’ump every night. I say throw the Rumpster in the dumpster with rest of the trash where he belongs.However I am curious about why you zoom in on the drummer every night right before your monologue. Why the preferential treatment? Is he a relative…perhaps your nephew? Does’nt seem fair to the rest of the band members.

    1. Yes Colbert do try it with the Obumers and see which culvert you end of in they would chew you up like mincemeat, and you know what that isn’t a bad idea.

  15. Dear Sir: Earlier this week you had Whoopi Goldbergh (spelling?) as your guest and she gave you a Christmas sweater with 3 deer on it. All three had antlers and you joked that they had to a;; be males because of that fact. However, being Christmas, they were undoubtedly reindeer, and female reindeer often grow antlers themselves (though normally smaller than the males). Just thought you should know.

    Sincerely, Larry (an old man that loves correcting people)

  16. I like your show and my family and friends agree that trump acts lIkea baby when he doesn’t get his way and he lies to the American people about everything like north korea

  17. You think Chicago is cold now. You should have been with me in 1979 when I was going to John Marshall Law School. After the Blizzard of Jan. 1979 all the streets were impassable. Buses could not run. Everyone had to take the L-train into town. I lived on Wilson street and by the time the L-train arrived it was packed full. So the only way for me to get to school was to ride on the outside of the train on the little step outside the train car. It was already bitter cold but you add 40mph train winds to that I was frozen by the time I got to school. I made it. Got my Degree and frostbite to boot. I love to hear someone top that “Cold Chicago” story. Ron

  18. Mr Colbert. I am from Melbourne Australia. Please tell me I am having a nightmare that Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America! It s not true, is it???????

  19. People are going to stop asking “How dumb can he get?” Trump seems to be
    taking it as a challenge !!!

  20. I have a few interesting new gangsta nicknames for Trump and his minions you might find interesting: Pretty Boy Flynn, Lucky Giuliani, Machine Gun Mnuchin, Mad Dog Miller, Baby Face Pompeo, Scarface Scaramouche, Ma “Crazy-legs” Conway and (best of all) Donald “The Golf-Bag” Trump.

  21. Better hope Trump gets reelected if he doesn’t your show will go off the air you won’t have anything to talk about. Move on it’s really boring hearing you talk about Trump. Find something else it’s not funny it’s annoying. I’m not a big Trump supporter just bored with your talk about him.

  22. Hi Stephen. I used to like you a lot before you started bashing our President and over half the US population who electedw him. Now i just want to see your melon explode on TV like in that scene from “Scanners”. CHILL OUT with the Trump Hate. Your ratings will go up when you do.

    1. This comment is addressed to Jojo, who apparently doesn’t know how to perform simple mathematics, but might also be trumpishly unaware of the population of adults in the United States. So let me explain; you claim that “over half the US population” electedw (your typo) him (IMPP Trump). Taken literally, in that there are about 328,000,000 people in the USA, you’re claiming that over 164,000,000 people voted for him. The total number of votes was actually about 127,000,000. Okay, okay, maybe you really meant half of the adults eligible to vote? Doesn’t matter, you’re still wrong, because the actual number of HUMAN VOTERS voting is against you. More votes were cast for Clinton than for Trump, who took the election because of the electoral college system. So you are WRONG in contending Trump got the majority, and that’s a serious problem with folks like you. You like to spout off your own notion and concept of “the facts,” when actually, the very black and white indisputable facts show you are mistaken in what you so firmly believe. Then, when confronted with indisputable facts, you cry out “fake news.” Trump got 62,984,828 votes and Clinton got 65,853,514 votes. That’s an important part of why so many Americans were angry the electoral college gave the presidency to the loser. Can you tell me which number is bigger? Maybe you’ve invented a new way of doing math that makes larger smaller, and smaller, larger? If you print the numerals in Trump’s number bigger, does that make the number, bigger? (Hint: NO) Check your facts, Jojo, your are indisputably WRONG; just the kind of blind unthinking faith in your leader that he likes from his sycophantic minions. Now go sanitize your lungs with some chlorine bleach, because Trump says it is a good idea.

      IMPP stands for “impeached president,” but I like the looks of “IMPP” better.

  23. Dear Mr. Colbert,
    As a retired school librarian, I want to thank you for standing up for the librarian at the Idaho public library. You might want to tell your viewers about two relevant books that help people understand our poor country’s present situation. The Nordic Theory of Everything explains the governmental policies that can help create a nation that works for the 99%, and Fascism: A Warning, by Madelyn Albright, shows us how easily an autocrat can corrupt a nation. Keep up the good work of defending libraries and librarians.

  24. LOVED the video on Nancy Pelosi – Please send that out so we can share that with everyone in social media!

  25. You mentioned on your show the other night, that you enjoy cooking and baking. Mentioned the apple/cherry pie you baked for Thanksgiving. Would you mind sharing your recipe and also recipe for pastry as I think it’s probably very good. Enjoy your show . Canada here.

  26. Charlie Brown
    The Coasters

    to the music – coasters charlie brown
    Fe fe fi fi fo fo fum
    I smell the smoke-in gun
    Donald Trump, Donald Trump
    He’s a clown, that Donald Trump
    He’s gonna get caught; just you wait and see
    (Why’s everybody trying to impeach me?)
    That’s him screaming as loud as you please, I know that’s him
    Yellin’ at 16 year old Greata Tunberg sweet as can be.
    Donald Trump, Donald Trump
    He’s a clown, that Donald Trump
    He’s gonna get caught; just you wait and see
    ( Why’s everybody trying to impeach me?)
    Who’s always saying build the wall?
    Who’s always looking like a fool to the rest of the world?
    Who’s always turning back on allies?
    Guess who (Who, me?)…

    you can add any of the many deplorable things he has done this could fit in with your impeach lead in

    just think this would be funny and piss him off because he hates being called in dumb things

    why is it that nobody shows the interview when trump was asked if he would use leaked information or turn it over to FBI and he said i see nothing wrong with using it

  27. Stephen, you should go and hide with your tail down and between your legs.
    For a far lefty liberal, you must be very confused about the gender of our hero and service dog Conan.
    You forgot your liberal side of political correctness when you became confused about Conan’s gender.
    Shame; for your lack of respect; you failed as a lefty liberal because you overlooked the possibility that Conan may be a liberal transgender dog. You should convert to logic and conservative training.
    Biiigggg druuuuuuum rolllllllllllllllll, and a HAAAAAAAAAhaha for our great President Trump!
    Have some Crow Stephen and get a real job.

  28. There is a petition now on Avaaz where people can just sign to thank Romney for his courageous stand to remove Trump. If you agree that he did what was right and would like to let him know you are grateful that at least one
    republican senator was willing to speak truth to power despite the consequences – go sign the petition. Perhaps it will provide a bit of support for him.

  29. Hi Stephen ! Have you seen the video of the 8 year old girl climbing over Trump’s wall ?
    If not, I have it and I’ll send it to you if you want ???

  30. Hi Stephen
    The next time you talk to Neil D —try this theory on him
    I can send a copy with photos if you forward an email addres to

    Purpose of Cotton face mask it to absolutely capture a frozen Virus (that may have been blowin’ in the wind for weeks) or a locally produced virus in a tiny drop of water. (floating in the air)—Before it reaches ones nose, mouth, throat or lungs.
    Virus facts from various sources and then edited
    The spherical structure and the spike like protrusion seems to be typical of a virus. Going back to Lord Cavendish’s universal gravity theory; the virus has a thin layer of water surrounding (stuck to it) and it (the pathogen) must penetrate the thin film of water molecules to obtain nutrients from its water environment (or living cells) . and to reproduce

    Because viruses are not cells (ike a bacteria), they can’t divide by binary fission like bacteria.

    Yet they do reproduce themselves in an extraordinary way. Their structure enables viruses to attack a plant or animal cell called a host cell. The protein shell protecting the virus’ DNA is covered with spike like protrusions. (to permit it to penetrate the water film enclosing the virus—an adaption to the environment) These spikes allow the virus to latch onto the cells they infect. Once hooked on, the virus injects its genetic material (like an egg, larvae, embryo or a maggot ) into the nutrient filled host,s fluid in the host’s. cell. Then proceeds to grow into a new virus.

    The virus’ DNA takes control of the cell once it’s within the cytoplasm (?) and begins to make the cell produce virus DNA and other parts of viruses. The host cell is forced to expend all of its energy and resources to help the virus replicate and make hundreds more viruses. (?) The poor, weak cell usually bursts like an overinflated balloon from all the viruses and (the host) is destroyed in the process. Then, the replicated virus attaches itself to a new, unaffected host cell, and the viral infection continues.

    Virologists investigating transmission of the flu virus found why it is more likely to spread at colder temperatures (below freezing)
    Because the virus is in water and is surrounded by water —which then freezes in low temperatures. (about the same as freezing a sperm or embryo for storage in the freezer)
    Some researchers have found that in winter, even the flu virus wears a coat, and it’s a coat that helps the virus spread through the air. Tinkering with that coat might disarm the flu virus. The coat is actually ice.

    “Like an M&M in your mouth, the protective covering melts when it enters the respiratory tract,” Joshua Zimmerberg, PhD, chief of the cellular and molecular biophysics lab at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) says in a news release. “It’s only in this liquid phase that the virus is capable of entering a cell to infect it.”

    Vuses are obligate intracellular parasites because they can not thrive without their host. Viruses have shown an intimate relationship with their host where they use host machinery to replicate and propagate in nature. Viruses can infect both eukaryotes (fungi, plants and animals) and prokaryotes (bacteria).

    A newly-released study (2/6/20) indicates that 62-71% (120 to 140 Proof) ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, or 0.1% sodium hypo chloride (bleach) are effective at inactivating human corona viruses on inanimate surfaces.

    Free Body Diagram
    method a virus uses to move about

    A free-body diagram is a pictorial representation used to show the relative magnitude and direction of all forces acting upon an Object. Molecule or a Particle.

    The force vectors acting on the virus and the droplet (in three dimension) are as follows
    For Example–simplified

    X Direction Up or down Depending on all gravitational forces encountered
    (Earth’s Gravity & Lord Cavendish’s Gravity)
    Y Direction To the right or left depending upon its magnetic susceptibility (and the field strength and its direction)
    (Earth’s Field , EMF Field, & A Magnets’s Field)
    Z direction In or out of the media filter or fluid) depending on the direction of fluid flow
    (Flowing in Bodily Fluid & Blowin’ in the Wind)

    Size of Oxygen, Water, Virus and Pollen

    Element or Particle Oxygen Molecule Water Molecule Corona Virus Pollen shapes
    Size 1.2 Angstroms 2.75 Angstroms ~ ~125 Nano M ~200 micro M
    Size Angstroms 1.2 2.75 1,250 2,000.000
    Magnetic Susceptibly Paramagnetic Diamagnetic Unknown Unknown
    cm/10-6 cm3 mol-1 +3,449 -12.96 ? ?

    CO2. H2O2, Glucose, Red Blue and White Blood Cells

    Particle Carbon Dioxide Hydrogen Peroxide Glucose Red Blood Cell DeOcygenated Blood White Blood
    Cell Size 2.32 Angstrom Greater than 2.75 A. 1.9 Nano M 7.5Micor M ? 600.000 A. to
    Size Ang. 3.42 >2.75 19 750,000 About 750,000 2,800,000 A. Diamagnetic Diamagnetic Diamagnetic – Diamagnetic Diamagnetic Paramagnetic Diamagnetic
    cm/10-6 cm3 mol -1 -21.0 -17.3 -101.5 ? ? ?

    The magnetic characteristic or Hemoglobin and White blood cells (discovered in the 1930’s by Linus Pauling & Associates); And the fact that hemoglobin blood cells can be either Diamagnetic or Paramagnetic depending on its Oxygen content. While white blood cells are always Diamagnetic

    In Summary the droplet/virus /cell/element will move in a fluid (liquid or gas) in he direction of the vector sum all fields
    (gravity, magnetic and fluid dynamic)
    And small partiles will cling to larger particle by gravity
    Amd be pushed or pulled by a magnetic field
    In medicine, public health, and biology, transmission is the passing of a pathogen causing communicable disease from an infected host individual or group to a particular individual or group, regardless of whether the other individual was previously infected.

    Human to human transmission of corona viruses is primarily thought to occur among close contacts via respiratory droplets (invisible habitation fog) generated by sneezing and coughing (a tiny drop of water with the pathogen in it —-or—the wet pathogen itself)
    Air Filter (mask) and Protocol for its Use
    Prevention——Wear Protective Masks

    Freezing Weather Non Freezing Weather
    The Theory
    Face masks must be able to be reused dried and sanitized

    A face mask can be considered a “A Live Wet Trap ” for pathogens and as such must be used only once –the removed mask must be put in a closed container until the mask can be dried and sanitized -(using heat @200F/93C, Alcohol, H2O2 or Sodium Hypo chloride)

    Then the Wearer
    must wash both hands and face with soap and water

    Home face mask heat drying and sanitizing
    Iron frying pan with lid and in an oven set at 200 degrees F (93 degrees C) overnight

    Information about pathogens
    Many of the spherical bacteria are about 1 micrometer in diameter, which is about a hundred times the size of the virus that causes poliomyelitis, and about two and a half times the size of the virus that causes parrot fever

    HIV is a spherical virus of about 90 nm in diameter. Size; 90nm. Envelope: HIV is enveloped virus. The envelope is a lipid bilayer surrounding the viral matrix, which is derived from host cell membrane during budding. Below the envelope, there is an icosahedral shell called matrix (P17). Core:
    Basically all pathogen cells live in water–and contain water—–sneezing, coughing and breathing create Invisible Habitation fog—-that transmit pathogens into the air—but they leave the host wet (encased/surrounded by water- molecules which are attached to the pathogen by Gravity–See Lord Cavendish’s gravity experiment)

    In very cold freezing weather, the water surrounding the pathogen freezes , encasing the pathogen in ice -(placing the pathogen in storage) -when exhaled in the air.
    This ice particle is only slightly larger than the pathogen because water molecules are very small.

    Pollen is usually good for a few months (to a year in the freezer). Pollen is one of the most common allergens in the United States. Pollen is an airborne allergen, which is picked up and carried by the wind. Various trees, grasses and weeds create pollen, which can cause hay fever, irritate your eyes and skin.

    Like pollen (the pathogen) can be active for a very long time when frozen and can travel long distances in the air.(Blowing in the wind),

    Thus in the winter one can in inhale a frozen pathogen –which will then thaw –and be ready to reproduce
    When outdoors in Freezing weather during the flu Season
    Always wear a Face mask for warmth
    And upon Removal of mask Place it only in a closed containner until it can bre sanitized
    And wash your hands and face with saap and water

    When outdoors in Non-Freezing weather during the flu Season
    In the cold weather one can in inhale a wet pathogen –which is ready to reproduce
    Always wear a cotton Face mask

    And wash your hands and face witjh soap \and water

    Like pollen (the wet pathogen) can be active for a long time and can travel long distances “blowing in the wind “

    Why Cotton ?
    “The most effective bath towels are made of 100 percent cotton because cotton is most efficient at absorbing or soaking up water. Cotton is able to absorb up to 27 times its weight in liquid water, according to Cotton Inc. Cotton’s absorbency is also useful in what is known as “recreational performance apparel”–clothes used in jogging, exercise and sports. Cotton’s absorbent properties occur due to a number of reasons, including its specific molecular structure and the structure of water.

    The cellulose in cotton has what is referred to in chemistry as “hydrophilic properties,” according to Cotton Inc. The word “hydrophilic” actually means water loving or water attracting (hydro is the Greek word for water and philic or philia means loving).

    A hydrophilic molecule, such as those that occur naturally in cotton cellulose, is the exact opposite of a “hydrophobic” or water repelling molecule. Hydrophobic molecules often are found in man-made fabrics that are oil or petroleum based, according to Cotton Inc. This makes them less likely to absorb moisture.

    Unlike simpler water molecules, cotton is made up of more complex series of atoms, which are linked into what are called “polymer molecules.” These polymer molecules link up in repetitive patterns or chains, creating pure cellulose, a substance which makes cotton absorbent, according to Cotton Inc. One reason cellulose makes cotton absorbent is that it contains a negative charge, which helps attract “dipolar” water molecules and absorb them. Another reason is cotton’s “hydrophilic properties.”

    Part of the reason that cotton is so absorbent lies in the reaction of the differing molecular structures of cotton and water, according to Cotton Inc. Water molecules are made up of one atom of oxygen joined to two atoms of hydrogen. Each oxygen atom has a negative charge, while the hydrogen atoms have a positive charge. This creates a magnetic or “dipolar” attraction that binds the atoms together into a water droplet and also allows water to bond with or attach to any adjacent molecules which contain an opposite charge, such as cotton molecules.”

    Reviewer’s Responses

    Mar 8, 2020
    Dear Dad,
    The vi ru will run its coarse like viruses do. We are so global that it feeds well on new victims. There is no mask that can protect. In my own opinion the biggest threat is the killing off of good bacteria from hand sanitizer and how the fear of the latest virus is having a run on hand sanitizer.
    Unless there is a vaccine the best hope is ones body can fight it off like it fights off hundreds of things in its lifetime.
    Thiis virus is also not a huge killer like the black plague 30-75%. It is not the killer the Spanish Flu was from 1918-1920 10-20%.
    By 2022 is will probably be fully on its way out and they can wrap up the numbers.
    Kindness Keeps,Julie
    Mar 8,2020 Justin M——— Disussion is BS

  31. The events the past few days are reminiscent of the East German government building a wall around Berlin. The stay at home order was to keep socialism from attacking the communist doctrine. The past is a clue to the future. From 1961 until 1989 the people suffered from isolation.

  32. Dear Friends of Stephen Colbert,
    Maybe someone will get through for Stephen to help us launch direct digital democracy in the USA:
    I believe the best way to introduce those of us spearheading direct digital democracy in the USA is to share this letter. We are ready to launch. Together, in consultation, David Frank of One Voice Now, Daniel Baron (Presidential candidate who adopted the Great Mandate as his platform) and other real democracy leaders of Norway, Canada, Australia (which has a super secure block-chain voting app we may introduce for download to determine the majority will of those voting. Democracy is coming to the USA.
    I am the compiler of the Move On campaign for direct democracy the Great Mandate (33 issues for national vote ) with a wonderful vision of a Congress allowing to serve the majority will if one by one pledging allegiance to the majority will. Call me at 505-423-2468…We could do this in person. I would drive from Colorado. Or via internet. Here is the letter sent:
    Dear Bernie,
    I am the compiler of the Great Mandate for direct democracy, now a Move On campaign demanding direct vote.
    There is so much to share about this national movement that I would fly to see you if only for 15 minutes. I am convinced that is all you would need to want to help us launch direct digital democracy. I like to call it 3D democracy; democracy with depth.
    It is my hope that you might call me. I can keep it brief as I know you are so busy with the present election campaign. The Great Mandate will establish a massive popular mandate for our national platform of justice and caring. My number is 505-423-2468.
    I am the producer of “Bolivia Beyond Belief” (on You Tube) about the R evo l u cion Democratica de Bolivia. I was deeply inspired by the People’s movement toward socialism (MAS) while living in Bolivia for three and a half years. I have worked in community development with the poorest of the poor in 20 countries and feel ethically bound to speak on their behalf regarding the need for the USA to become a democracy as the only way we can save the planet. We must bypass this broken representative (delegated!) system.
    I am convinced that an endorsement on your part of the Great Mandate (Read it in its entirety of 33 demands at will sweep Bernie into office as it would establish what Howard Zinn believed was the ONLY way to create true democracy in this country: ” a massive popular mandate.” All the issues will be considered democratically nationwide.
    We now have cell phone block-chain nano-encryption voting technology (being used by the FLUX party in Australia and being introduced in the USA as Follow My Vote and others). David Frank of One Voice Now (the local-level interactive voting system many communities are trying to set up using public media stations for data dispersion and reception) suggested we launch this national direct voting system with a celebrity especially respected by the youth of our nation.
    If you are interested in what I am sharing with you, I would come to visit with you on behalf of the Council for National Integrity which is in formation (self-elected at this point) and includes the Real Democracy Movement in the UK (also of Move On), Norway, Canada and Australia. You are invited to join this Council to be a most eloquent spokesperson for the majority will. We have leaders of the USA direct democracy movement of Indiana, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado among others in regular communication considering placing before the People the issues of the Great Mandate and those presented through One Voice Now such as allowing our Congress to continue to serve the People (once we represent ourselves) by pledging allegiance, one by one, to the majority will of the People.
    As I said, there is much to share. But I will conclude this plea informing you that the thirteen-year president of Habitat for Humanity the Rev Dr David Rowe and the director of World Beyond War (worked closely with Martin Luther King) David Hartsough and his wife Janet have signed the Great Mandate (the link to the Move On site to sign it and read the comments of those who have signed it are at We believe this Mandate to be the most comprehensive people-powered vehicle to take us into direct democracy, a desperately needed fulfillment of our ancestors hopes for a country governed by the People and for the People, placing People before profit. El Pueblo Primero!
    I have written you at this address many times over the years. I have never had a response and have no idea if you have been informed of this movement.
    Please call me at 505-423-2468
    Looking forward,
    Bob Dunsmore
    President of the Heart Mind Alliance (.com)
    Author of I Am: A Journey Through Times and Spaces
    Andean Cosmovision Amauta
    Grandfather of three

  33. Here’s an odd reaction to Mr Colbert. Watched him often pre-virus, and mostly liked his routines, especially everything anti-Trump. But I also found him, on occasion, slightly obnoxious, with a little too much mugging for the camera.
    But now i actually like him better with his at-home routine. Indeed i think he’s adjusted better to this enforced new format than most of the other four late-nighters I also watch. Will probably be a bit sorry to see him go back to a full stage with an audience, i.e. if this virus’ planetary attack on Humanity ever allows that to happen.
    Incidentally, I’m amazed that with all the stories of how Trump is dangerously escalating his political malpractice, that no one is calling on him to RESIGN (of course he wouldn’t, but the idea should be part of the national dialogue). Would SC consider doing something with this thought?
    Ron Thompson
    ps Trump is so dumb, that in pressing for a early re-opening of the economy solely for his selfish personal benefit he can’t conceive that if he succeeds in doing that, when the virus almost certainly surges back against the population of the US, that would even more definitely doom his re-election.

  34. Watched your show with Matthew McConaughey and couldn’t believe how much he was touching his mouth, ears, hair, face all over…and then noticed the same with Cate Blannchett, except she had three times the amount, just couldn’t leave her face alone. Dr. Jon Lapook mentioned a study that showed people touch their face so many times a minute, but this way too often when we are supposed to keep healthy… hand washing, NOT TOUCHING FACE, social distancing, masks. This is just too bad a message to your audience. I hope that I am not the only one to mention this. Please have mention this, Allen Stojkovic, a retired dentist from OHIO. Thank you

    1. Watched your show with Matthew McConaughey and couldn’t believe how much he was touching his mouth, ears, hair, face all over…and then noticed the same with Cate Blannchett, except she had three times the amount, just couldn’t leave her face alone. Dr. Jon Lapook mentioned a study that showed people touch their face so many times a minute, but this way too often when we are supposed to keep healthy… hand washing, NOT TOUCHING FACE, social distancing, masks. This is just too bad a message to your audience. I hope that I am not the only one to mention this. Please have Stephen mention this, Allen Stojkovic, a retired dentist from OHIO. Thank you

  35. Stephen, You have always been a wonderful political comedian. I remember your words the first time you were on after Trump got elected. You spoke from the heart and said what we were all thinking…what the f just happened!. And now, our ONLY chance to get Trump out is to get solidly behind Biden. He’s our only chance. He will surround himself with good people so the fact that he’s old is okay. He’ll have good backup. PLEASE support him by NOT making silly jokes about him, his age, and all the other cheap shots that encourage and give Trump fuel. Please use your influence for good instead of taking cheap shots. I think you are better then that. I am blown away by the fact that Trump has people that believe in him, so we have to do everything we can to get him out by joining forces. I don’t know if this will ever get to you but I thought I’d try. Just a suggestion from a very fearful citizen who fears that we may not get Trump out this year.

  36. I was a Democrat my entire life, didn’t vote for anyone in the 16 election though. Thanks to fucking idiots like you and many many more I’ve happily supported Trump since. Not because I like him. Yes he’s a horrible speaker etc. however his policies (vast majority at least) are spot on.
    Grabbing pussies is a horrible thing to do, better than getting blow jobs by girlfriends in the Oval Office though.
    You are supposed to be an entertainer, get some material fuck face and get off politics!

  37. Hey Stephen,
    Long-time fan. Had a little revelation last-night that I thought you might find fun.
    Backstory: I’m a 65 year-old crippled “faggot” living alone in the woods for 30 yrs now (all xtians, muslims, and jews around here wish I would just die and disappear, I stay alive just to spite them ALL, but that’s not the problem, surprisingly LOL). People complain about being under “house arrest” for a few weeks — I’ve been doing solitary house-arrest for 30 YEARS! (I still think I should be allowed one good murder or bank-robbery for all the time I’ve already done. LOL) I only have a 2.6K (vs. everyone else’s 10-50M net-access) and thanks to Centurylink and other greedy CEO mucky-mucks, they shutdown all dial-up providers last month so all I get is 10 hours per month at 2.6K access on top of that. Keep in mind that I used-up over 8 hours of my monthly 10h allotment just to try to contact you!
    Ahem, aside all that … I realized last night that H.G. Wells had it all bass-ackwards in “The Time-Machine”!!!
    It’s not the Eloi that would be harvested for protein!
    It’s the Morlocks, living in their subterranean bunkers, who didn’t keep their immune systems in sync with what nature dishes-out that would be harvested for protein by the ELOI!!!
    So …. enjoy your hand-sanitizers and disinfectants in your caves and apartments.
    While us, the Eloi, living above-ground, survive whatever nature dishes out, and will eventually harvest the apartment-dwelling hand-sanitized Morlocks for their protein. We’ll do our best to keep you fed — for harvest 🙂
    p.s. Google for: billionaires covid-19
    Don’t be surprised when you find-out that of 530+ multibillionaires in the USA LESS THAN 10 of them have contributed LESS THAN 1/1000th of their wealth to help the rest of humanity. So many bullets and diseases killing people — and never the right ones. Stupid Universe! LOL (with inspired credits to “The Simpsons” Homer claims of, “Stupid Flanders!”)

  38. Hey Stephen,
    Long-time fan. Had a little revelation last-night that I thought you might find fun.
    Backstory: I’m a 65 year-old crippled “faggot” living alone in the woods for 30 yrs now (all xtians, muslims, and jews around here wish I would just die and disappear, I stay alive just to spite them ALL, but that’s not the problem, surprisingly LOL). People complain about being under “house arrest” for a few weeks — I’ve been doing solitary house-arrest for 30 YEARS! (I still think I should be allowed one good murder or bank-robbery for all the time I’ve already done. LOL) I only have a 2.6K (vs. everyone else’s 10-50M net-access) and thanks to Centurylink and other greedy CEO mucky-mucks, they shutdown all dial-up providers last month so all I get is 10 hours per month at 2.6K access on top of that. Keep in mind that I used-up over 8 hours of my monthly 10h allotment just to try to contact you!
    Ahem, aside all that … I realized last night that H.G. Wells had it all bass-ackwards in “The Time-Machine”!!!

    It’s not the Eloi that would be harvested for protein!
    It’s the Morlocks, living in their subterranean bunkers, who didn’t keep their immune-systems in sync with what nature dishes-out that would be harvested for protein by the ELOI!!!
    So …. enjoy your hand-sanitizers and disinfectants in your caves and apartments.
    While us, the Eloi, living above-ground, survive whatever nature dishes out, and will eventually harvest the apartment-dwelling hand-sanitized Morlocks for their protein. We’ll do our best to keep you fed — for harvest 🙂

    p.s. Google for: billionaires covid-19
    Don’t be surprised when you find-out that of 530+ multibillionaires in the USA, LESS THAN 10 of them have contributed LESS THAN 1/1000th of their wealth to help the rest of humanity. So many bullets and diseases killing people — and never the right ones. Stupid Universe! LOL (With inspired credits to “The Simpsons” Homer claims of, “Stupid Flanders!” p.p.s. Breed some more earth destroying “climate-change” humans while you’re at it! Gay people were your ONLY hope — you astoundingly-stupid effing breeder fools!)

  39. Dear Stephen,

    As a longstanding (sitting) fan…(blah blah my cred)…

    Me ( its supposed to be i but sounds weird, grew up saying “me and..” and “lay down!”–why would you order your dog to lie?), and my husband have survived microcephalic Repub prezzes only because of you (blah blah our fan cred, years of loyalty, tears of devotion…from laughing too hard.)

    So it is with my most profound and heartfelt regret, an A-Fib-like pain, but i ain’t fibbing!, that i must inform you:

    Please, look at James Corden’s garage!
    Then: ditch that pellucidly gray/tight dark corner/bookcase of old videotapes?
    Depressing. The world is hurtin’ enough Stephen without forcing me to stare at this lightless, colorless, lifeless, funnyless time-out corner.

    Anything better?
    Try diff rooms of your house, windows, outdoors, green, Nature behind you (watch out for glare).
    Presents tech challenges, but go guerilla video, handheld, Cassavetes without the Sorrows of Young Werther abyss…

    You need to move! With dog, around house.
    Your first shows on porch and in bathtub were great!
    Your LAST STUDIO SHOW WAS THE BEST EVER! You couldn’t be tight! You were rollin w it, improvising, we loved it! THE TV WE GREW UP ON, ALL ANAL ANALOG PRODUCTION PERFECTION IS GONE FOREVER, STEPHEN,

    Now you can “play TV” just like 10 year olds do!
    Rough cuts, rough audio/video, unsynched synchs GREAT, as long as we can mostly see and hear you!
    Play clothes! Sheet togas (paint them), drag dresses, pearls/jewelry, paperbag/newspaper hats, evening gloves, baseball hats: don’t buy stuff, forage your closets basement…
    Hang painted sheets behind you, ask fans to send you set designs/painted bags, tissue boxes, from the Stephen Colbert Memorial Elementary School artzooms all across the US, done fast, a comedy break from homeschooling, produced everyday, 10:00am to 10:30am…and then sent to you.
    Sudden sings: suddenly, for “no” reason, you let rip a song fragment, full braggadocio, let your voice play, you got some pipes man!, and after 20 seconds (or 13 or 9) go back to “work” (I was gonna say monologue but i hatehatehate that mono, monotonous, logey word, somehows like Logos, Logey, hock-a-looey, laconic, catarrh…)
    Make up and play different characters for us: the poison-tester for the king is now the wig fluffer/attacher/detacher for Trump, the highest paid person on his staff!
    Voice the American Flag as “he/she/it” is being mauled by Trump.
    Interview your mailperson.
    Do a Cookin’ with Bernie segment in your kitchen, feel the burn…uh-oh…
    I KNOW this is happening all across America under stay-home order: be the plumber unplugging toilet (too many tampons? Condoms? Peanutbutter cup wrappers?)
    And, yez, once in awhile you are serious with spectacular, personal, “the guard comes down” humaness, like, when Kobe died, and you spoke of your father, and tour pilot in New Zealand…

    Your celebrity interviews are amazing! Helps that y’all are doing some improvising, their houses are much livelier “sets” than yours, and they LOVE you, no matter how the talk goes “technically.” Lotsa gut-bucket, no lead-up laughs!

    Get fun graphics!
    Get more more more music…
    Which leads me to something i don’t wanna talk about…oh well, please don’t hate on me:
    We need a lot LOT more Jon Batiste.
    I want to tell you a lil story: my part in this is not important but:
    Grew up knowing we were rich (“in children” as my mother would say) and when the milk ran out on Wednesday i knew there would be more on Friday, or maybe Saturday.
    There were 90 children in my first grade classroom–and 3 classrooms of firstgraders…so in the pinball game of my life, there were unexpected scholarships that bounced me to weird, much harsher places than my beloved North Philly neighborhood, like a really strange-cold CODE school here in Cambridge.
    I grew up unselfconscious-everybody-in-my-fam singing and dancing with no discernible talent, with no self-consciousness, with ribald…well, what John Waters says, he grew up south of the irony line around NYC.
    We grew up loving our best friends.
    I want to see a lotlotlotlot more of that with you and Jon. A LOT.
    Here is the delicate part, please don’t be offended: watch James Corden and Reggie: they just goof together a lot like best buds. Sometimes the goofs flop: they don’t care! They lovebbeing together!
    Now, about Jon:
    I did not have $ for concerts till my 40’s…but, man, i have constantly craved live music and gone to live venues since then, from the BSO and ShalinLiu in Rockport MA, to Passim (the old Club 47 of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez) just down the street, and every genre in between especially African for dancing (Angelique Kidjo, Toumani Diabete who often lives in Boston, and my hero Ali Farka Toure…oh oh oh, and Cuban!
    Chucho Valdez at Berklee College of Music, jah!)
    So, Stephen, please hear this:
    The best concert I have ever been to in my life was the gift of Jon Baptise here at the Sinclair in Cambridge.
    You hear?
    Nothing anywhere even comes close.
    The man is, as you know, a genius musician, arranger, singer, bandleader…
    Stephen, he walked into this dark space, actually invited us to come stand close around the piano, began incantatory, quiescent drumming, warmed and led audience slowly with extraordinary grace into reaches of ecstasy WITHIN HIS RADIANT HUMILITY, TENDERNESS, GENEROSITY, such as i have never experienced at a “concert” in my life. I look back to this evening often, wondering how he carried us through so many instruments, somany songs, divine vocalizations, crossed a trance threshold while staying grounded in his performance.
    Yez, i felt spirits, transhumances, i felt generations slipping through his fingertips, his eyes absolutely far-seeing open–and far-seeing closed too.
    His life force or chi or mana or whatever you call it, enveloped us like waves from the ocean, from the backwash of a receding Whale’s tail.
    My husband and i were nourished for months by this from Jon, his Soul, his Talents, his Ancestors.

    Please Stephen, please really play and talk with and treasure and goof with Jon on your show, a
    LOT. Please get the tech help you need, NOT for a “perfect” production, but for a hilarious-filled-with-glitches, serious-sometimes-filled-with-glitches constantly engaging with Jon as your best friend show.
    Get tech help: Seth Myers band is cranking in isolation in Zoom, and they are not nearly the musicians/band that Stay Human is…and they are amazing because of Jon!
    The show is starving without them!
    The show is starving without zany sets, stuffed animals, garden equipment, bird feeders, shoe sculptures, pantry can pyramids…)
    The two of you could make tuna fish together in your separate kitchens!
    The show gotta laugh mo. The show gotta show Jon mo. Jon ‘n you mo: with real easy-going natural, dare i say it, bromance in which you delight in each other and feed each others abilities.

    My left arm is so damn stiff from holding my cellphone while i index finger type, i gotta stop.
    Ask your viewers to send in jokes, sets, skits, they’ll be a lot zanier than what i wrote…
    Con musica!!
    May this please not be the last few months of an anciem regime democracy destined to be destroyed by a Constitutional GolpeMonarch as the spiritual debt for genociding Indians and Nature comes due…
    On that cheery note, i sign off, after saying, bring back Grace Kelly throw her a solo now and then!
    Eleanor Marks
    PS Check out George Kahumoku, his music, his 2 volume very short memoir and give to Jon, and his movie about his life, (needs editing but still great.)

  40. Love you Stephen. You are one of the most Intelligent people on Tv. And so damn funny. You tell the truth, you point out all the lies and waffling of the Idiot in Charge and Fox (Faux) News. Keep up the good work!

  41. I just want you to know, Stephen, how much your nightly program does to keep my spirits up. I’ve especially enjoyed seeing you at home, and getting to meet your family, whether it was you hugging your wife on camera tonight, or one of your sons showing just an arm or a foot, Thank you for being you, thank your family for working along with you, and give the dog a piece of turkey for me, would you?
    BIG DIGITAL HUGS to you, your family, and all those who help put the show together.

    From a fellow Irishman,

  42. Tell Traitor CANCER Stephen Colbert to Report & give Justice and Pay to so-called Citizens and their Children who were Killed by Illegal Aliens in this so-called country, and some officers Families killed.

    IF Democrats and Hillary Clinton became president with your OPEN BORDERS AND THE CITIZENS DEATHS, some of you and your Children would be Burnt Alive by illegals because of your OPEN BORDERS like other Citizens who were KILLED BY ILLEGAL ALIENS. Give Justice and Pay to people who were SO-CALLED CITIZENS and their Children who were Killed by Illegal aliens in this country, and some Officers Families Killed. CURSE AND DAMNATION BE UPON YOUR TRAITOR CANCEROUS Stephen Colbert and your CANCEROUS CHILDREN and CANCEROUS DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND DEMOCRATS WITH CANCER AND CURSES EVERY FUCKING DAY TILL YOU GO TO YOUR FUCKING EVIL Cancerous GRAVE AND TO HELL FOREVER Where you belong.

    Traitor Cancer CURSED Stephen Colbert Must give All Traitor Cancer Democrats Jobs to Illegal Aliens in this so-called country because of TRAITOR CANCEROUS DEMOCRATS. Traitor CANCER CURSED Stephen Colbert Must give JUSTICE and Pay to people who were Citizens and their CHILDREN who were KILLED By ILLEGAL Aliens because of your TRAITORS CANCER Democrats, and some Traitor Cancer Democrats are Responsible for some Murders of Citizens’ families.

    CURSE and DAMNATION be Upon TRAITOR Cancerous Stephen Colbert and your Cancerous Children with CANCER and CURSES for Impeach. Give Justice and Pay to people who were SO-CALLED CITIZENS and their Children who were Killed by Illegal aliens in this country, and some Officers Families Killed.

    This Coronavirus is happening, in part because of the Traitors CANCEROUS Democrats who were PROTESTING and Harming and Interfering with President Trump’s attempts to make SAFE a So-Called Nation, and All the Harmful Protests and the CANCEROUS DEMOCRATS EVIL HARMFUL Attempts to Hurt, Damage, Destroy our President Trump and some of his administration, and for the DEATHS of so-called Citizens and their CHILDREN who were KILLED by ILLEGAL ALIENS because some of your Traitor Democrats are Responsible for some of the DEATHS. CURSE AND DAMNATION TO YOUR FUCKING TRAITOR EVIL CANCEROUS Stephen Colbert and his CURSED CANCER Children, and CANCEROUS DEMOCRATS AND YOUR DEMOCRATIC PARTY WITH CANCER AND CURSES EVERY FUCKING DAY TILL YOU ALL GO TO YOUR FUCKING EVIL Cancerous GRAVES AND HELL FOREVER WHERE YOU BELONG.

    1. I am sure I am not the only reader to assess this diatribe as the rambling ranting of a lunatic. Is Lebaron suggesting that all democrats are crustaceans? Hey, Lebaron, how do you think your diatribe looks to folks whose ancestors were living on the continent of North America before Christopher Columbus got lost on the way to India? No wall would’ve kept the gold-hungry Europeans out, would it?

      Oh, and by the way, the reference to crustaceans is from pondering which meaning of cancer Lebaron means. The disease was called “cancer” because its finger-like projections resembled the body and legs of a crab, and Latin and Greek names for crabs gave us “cancer.” I think Lebaron is just a very crabby individual. So much intense hate, it’ll probably lead to a case of spontaneous combustion.

  43. Tell Stephen Colbert to give Justice and Pay to people who were so-called Citizens and their Children who were killed by Illegal Aliens, and some Officers Families also Killed. Tell Stephen Colbert to try to Protect the southern Border in a so-called country with over 10 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS. Tell Stephen Colbert to give all Democrats Jobs to Illegal Aliens, including Stephen Colbert’s Children and family members.

  44. Bob: you’re a bigot, and you’re an idiot, and your comments are therefore not worth the space they take up. Don’t you realize that gaybashing is no longer in vogue, especially when you’re a man who is gaybashing another man you haven’t slept with?

  45. Trump was checking out the timing to get to the shelter with his bone spurs just in case the Chinese invade.
    Trump doesn’t wear a mask so you can tell if he is telling the truth. His lips never stop moving.

  46. Dear Mr. Colbert, I have enjoyed your comedy for some years and appreciate another South Carolinian who is more liberal, as they are hard to find in this state. However, this past year, I have noticed ageism in your jokes. It could be your writers–GenZ or Y or any generation just ignorant and insensitive–or it could be you. Either way, you’re coming across as ageist. When you make references to anyone who is older not being able to use technology or not being smart, physically capable, or intelligent, and when you make references to older adults as weak or infirm, you are being ageist.
    Ageism is a product of white male privilege in this country. White males believe they can belittle anyone for any reason to show their superiority. as a white male, you have power. As a late night show host, you have power. Why you use it to bully others is beyond me. You can use humor and still be respectful of human beings.
    In cultures other than mainstream America, older adults are respected and recognized for their knowledge, lived experience, ability to adapt to changes, and other contributions to society. Why not be a part of co-creating that in our mainstream culture?
    It sounds to me like you need to have some deep dive conversations with normal older adults who are not afraid to call you out on your disrespectful behavior. Disrespect is not funny; it’s for 8 year olds who delight in farting and burping on other people.
    Leslie Armeniox

  47. Stephen, you were wrong. Though Trump doesn’t even know what the 19 stands for – covid is NOT corona + disease, CO V ID is CO for corona V for Virus and ID for identification. In this case the ID is 2019 for the year it was discovered. You’re Welcome Bob.

  48. Mr. Colbert, have you ever watched your show after it is over?, Tonight you looked so foolish and acted like a wah, wah spoiled kid. You should be ashamed to behave on national TV like this. I never watch your show because of your behavior, just happen to be changing stations and ended on yours, just long enough to know that anyone that watches this kind of behavior of yours, well, and so much is said about mental illness, it is my opinion that after watching only a little bit tonight that you are one of the people that are causing many people to become racist and they were not to begin with. It is hard to believe that anyone would sponsor a show that you are a part of, pretty sad what this world has come to with this kind of behavior, my right to freedom of speech, this is constructive criticism, you seem to get a distorted pleasure of running people down. Your attack on Trudeau in Canada was totally atrocious. You have absolutely no respect for anyone, so why should anyone respect you and your insults? Too bad you were not raised by parents like I had, you would never behave in such a manner.

  49. I think every bad thing you are saying about mr.colbert is very untrue. He is a talk show host. what talk show host DOSNT talk about politics??? he is a very funny person and i believe that FUNNY is exactly what the american people and the world need right now during these harsh times. Now i know that most of you saying bad things about mr.colbert dont think that hes funny. Now if this is true then make the obvious and smart move and dont watch him…duh…If you dont like him then do the responsible thing that most of if not all of you adults should know how to do and remove your selves from situation and dont toon in to what he says.

  50. here is an idea for your artist or your carton division first panel trump at his podium saying fraud fraud 2 nd panel trump with a sock in his mouth 3rd panel trump having a temper tantrum
    on the front lawn of the white house saying why why me winning

  51. Trump loves to put his name on things so let’s call the virus Trump”s virus. Due to his inept handling of the virus, I think it’s only fair that we give this to him.
    PS could Trump be sued for wrongful death by the 230,000+ victims?

  52. here is you a great story to work on for monolog – trump is the modern day jim jomes that is going to take his flock to trumpville to drink the koolaid!!!!

  53. Tomorrow night (Tuesday) Mr. Colbert is interviewing President Obama. It will be interesting to see if he asks President Obama why he didn’t become the eighth President to ask Congress to send him an Anti-Lynching Bill to be signed into law. The last President to make the request was President Truman. By the way the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act and the Victims of Lynching Act have been pending in Congress since July 2019.

    1. Colbert you are just another pathetic liberal butt licker. Why don’t you have Biden bend over so you can plant a big kiss on his shriveled old ass!!! All the sheeple commenting on how great you are is enough to make a us normal human being vomit. You all make me sick.

  54. I am hoping Stephan will single out the 2 Wisconsin congressman who are just a few days into their new job and voted with the Trump even after all the chaos of Wednesday at the Capitol. Mr Fitzgerald is the poster child of horrible Republican strategies. Can you imagine, in a new job and doing what he did. Pathetic. Please expose as many of these Republican congressman, not just the same ones. They need shame right out to the gate.

  55. How about a little skit using Patsy Kline’s song “CRAZY” regarding TRUMP! This was my friends idea.

  56. Stephen Colbert … What a POS! Big Tough Guy behind the camera. Can’t wait til you come to my city. You think the attack on the Capitol was bad… You should hide! You offend me and just about 75,000.000 Patriots!!! You are a little bitch!

  57. President Trump… The best U.S. President ever!
    The idiots on this site that speak ill of President Trump, are as useless as Steve COL-BERT, and dumber than a box of hammers (like Steve COL-BERT!) Just about as funny, too…
    Furthermore, it wasn’t Patsy Kline’s song. But possibly Willie Nelson!
    Hope the fun starts soon!!!

  58. Sea Shanties!!!!!!

    Dear Stephen Colbert

    From Benzie County, NW lower Michigan, check out a band called:

    Song of The Lakes

    Please check them out on YouTube or Amazon Music or whatever. You’ll love them.

    I’d suggest you start with the album called “Walking the Plank” – all good – but maybe first listen could be track #10 Jungman Jansson

    Love to hear what you think!

    Barry Hahn
    Longtime fan (of Song of the Lakes AND Steven Colbert)
    Benzie County, Michigan

    Benzie Blue in ’22

  59. Headlines will soon read………….
    Insurrectionist found not guilty by a jury of his own peers
    Master puppeteer found innocent of deaths found on his property
    Conspirator caused deaths at the white house and freed on technicality
    Illusionist found innocent of mass deaths found on his lawn
    Deranged lunatic not guilty due to a “perfect speech”
    Fellow conspirators can’t convict their own
    Caused deaths at the Washington capital, not in New York, will be freed
    Fake billionaire now a recidivist criminal, freed by a Brainless Mob at his trial

  60. When David Letterman retired, I knew the replacement late night host would be bad, but I am beyond disgusted with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. There is no comedy in this show whatsoever. The show consists only of Trump bashing, and frankly, it’s just so sad and sends such an unpatriotic message to the country because Colbert is not a Trump fan. I would’ve thought that Colbert would’ve wanted Trump to be re-elected because without bashing Trump night after night, Colbert has absolutely no material – or talent, for that matter. I have never written to a late night show host, but I felt I had to say something because I am so utterly ashamed and nauseated by the ridicule and nonsense that comes out of Colbert’s mouth night after night. I would rather watch an infomercial than continue to hear the garbage Colbert spews every night. Colbert’s show is the worst ever and will likely end when Trump leaves office because he will no longer have any material to squawk about. The only person who will be left to laugh at his jokes will be his wife, who needs to sit in the room with Colbert every night to boost his ego.

  61. I really hope that when you POS Stephen Colbert go to jail for raping and killing children
    That they fucking rip you apart from the inside out for what you did to those poor children.
    You satanic fuck.

    1. For Stephen:
      I find that the banning of any Dr. Seuss book is IRRESPONSIBLE. Completely disagree with you. Thank God it’s America and I can do that. A little retort Seuss Metre for you:

      You gave it your blessings You have to be right so very important talk head on Late Night The Seuss is an icon His best in his years I know you won’t listen You have but one ear God gave us ears two to listen more clear and only one mouth to temper our smear A lesson you missed by the seat of your smug You most insolent impetuous Presumptuous thug
      Just paid to opine Without even a clue Don’t think for yourself It’s not what you do
      Who’s to say what intention’s behind all these books It’s very subjective It’s all how you look
      Opinion’s for one but not your’s to impose Mine is for me to hold as I chose
      Ban this an ban that Self righteous with glee It’s not about truth but hegemony
      Just be controlling Disguise it as change Impose your opinion Enforce, rearrange
      I’m not quite on board with what you opine I see this quite different I do have a spine
      I have the Seuss books Great copies I’ll make My freedom of speech Will not ever you take
      Wake up its America Home of the free ALL speech is protected Oh say can you see.

      Douglas Rapisarda

  62. Dear Stephen,

    George Harrison was the lead guitarist in the Beatles, not the rhythm guitar player as you stated on yesterday’s show.

    Judy B.

  63. Mr. Colbert, it is people like you that are the biggest joke of expression of Only your opinion towards our Government. Being which of what you are and that it is a total lopsided leftist, and have no common ground of in the middle or difference of opinion. I find you selfishly a Big ASS, and a miss leading to the public. Do I watch your show, Hell No !!! Not anymore !!! All you do is bash , and when Trump was our President, it curdled your Blood to even think of saying something positive that he had done.. Just like you media that you sleep with.. You are just as repulsive as Shummer, Nancy, Gavin, and our dumb , ( shit for brains ) man in charge.. I hope the Good Lord finds you to cleanse your illness of what the Devil has instilled in you.. You and many of the Bought brigade have disarmed of the privilege’s of misimformation , misguided, false bullshit to the American People.
    Any Human being that has a soul and love for thy neighbor, that can be bought for dollars and not care whats happening to their fellow friend, foe, or neighbor, has the curse of Evil in their soul and heart.. AND YOU !!!! Truely are blood riddled with Evil.. Good Day , best wishes in your quest..
    Signed Dean Rockwell

  64. Mr Colbert..First, Thank You for easing my agony witnessing and living through Bizzarro World..for that, my present to you is the real name for that which cannot be said…”King Rump” has been my official name since before the TV BS shows…I was totally convinced that Bizzarro had come to the election circus …in the center ring, “King Rump” and all the poor fools with their heads in the “Dark”, then he proceeds to “Crap” all over everything, by now you should have a dozen metaphors….for he is truly the king of the asses and will never be known otherwise

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