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Shawn Mendes


Shawn Mendes is a European Portuguese Singer and Song Writer that very talented. He is one of the famous actresses who started his career in 2013. He is famous for posting one of the cover songs on the Vine app.


Shawn Mendes successfully started his career in 2013 and attracted artist manager Andrew Gertler and A & R Island Records Ziggy Charlton to sign a record label deal. Shawn made his debut with the album Handwritten and his flagship single Stitches. The song he brought made it to the top ten in America and reached the top chart in Canada at that time. Shawn Mendes first single, Life of the Party, was released in 2014 and became the youngest artist to debut in 25 major Billboard Hot 100 songs. At that time, Shawn’s age is still 15 years old. He managed to win the 2014 Teen Choice Awards as a web star music that shows that Shawn is very talented. He continued the work with the release of a second single titled Something Big. In the first half of 2015, he officially released his first album and sold 116,000 copies in the first week.

The next single released Shawn Mendes with Camila Cabello with the title I Know What You Did Last Summer. Mendes toured the second world as a headlining and in March 2016 visited North America and Europe. Various awards are also successfully achieved by Shawn Mendes. In addition to the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, he also won other awards events such as the 2014 Shorty Awards as Vine Musician, Much Music Video Awards 2015 as Choice Web Star: Music, BBC Radio 1 Teen’s Awards 2016 as Best Single, Best International Artist. He also won awards from the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2016 as Best Male and World Wide Act Canada. Shawn continues to release new songs until the year 2018 is planned Shawn will release the third album. One of the singles for his third album has also been published entitled In My Blood.



Also known as: Shawn Mendes

Birth Name: Shawn Peter Raul Mendes

Birth Place: Toronto, Canada

Birth Date/Age: 1998 August 8

Occupation: Canadian singer and Songwriter

Nationality: Canadian

Father  : –

Mother  : –

Sibling : Aaliyah Mendes

Spouse / Wife : –

Children: –


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Shawn Mendes Address

 Fan mail address

Shawn Mendes

Paradigm Talent Agency

360 North Crescent Dr.

North Bldg.

Beverly Hills, CA 90210-2500, USA

Phone number: (310) 288.8000


  1. Hey Shawn, me and my friend Weston Ross, and me Zachary LaSalle love you’re singing and we’ll call to talk to you in real life. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Hi I am one of your biggest fans and I would love to meet you in person. I would die to meet you in person. I love you so much shawn mendes.

  3. love you and your music Shawn, i am 12 and my name is Karen. yes, like your mom. I live in San Francisco, CA and someday hope to visit Toronto when I’m older. I’m obsessed with your music and you should do a collab with Billie Eilish.

  4. today I got a new album and I’m really excited because you made your third album. I have always been listening to your songs on YouTube when your first song came out. I think you’re so handsome. I think you’re the most best singer ever heard in my life. I love you songs I love you. and I also wanted to let you know that my favorite song’s that you ever met were life of the party, in my blood, there’s nothing holding me back, lost in Japan, Mercy, and youth.

  5. I’m trying to get my friend to meet Shawn Mendes its her dream. I’ve been trying everything I just want to accomplish at least one good thing in my life. please reach out to me so I can accomplish her dream. thank u

  6. I really love Shawn Mendes and my CD player broke and I can’t listen to your songs that I love that you ever made

  7. Maybe you can do a fan mail challenge. You love it you get gifts from people dashing stuff in the mail for you to open. Sometimes you can try them out it is really fun I seen some other people do that before and I love it because then everyone would love to see what you got you can do it on YouTube.

  8. Shawn talk to me, please. I love you and hope to meet you. Your songs are so sweet and beautiful and moving. My favorite songs of yours are life of the party. imagination, youth, lost in Japan, Mercy, and the Weight.

  9. Shawn talk to me, please. I love you and hope to meet you. Your songs are so sweet and beautiful and moving. My favorite songs of yours are life of the party. imagination, youth, lost in Japan, Mercy, and the Weight. You are the only thing that keeps me going! Thank you!

  10. HEY SHAWN I LUV U!!!!!! ok, that was a little much. I was wondering is
    I could call u like on Saturday?????? OMG I HOPE U SAY YES! My best friend Megan like LOVES u! SO ill keep in touch.

  11. Hey, Shawn, I was wondering if you could be at one of my birthday parties. I think that you are amazing and you are really good at singing I look up to you in my singing career and I hope I can see you someday.

  12. Hi Shawn Mendes: I really love your music I am your no. One fan. When will you be touring again. I saw your show at Mohegan Sun in Ct with my friends it was the best show ever.

  13. Hi, my name is Aubrey and I love your music. I have been looking for a while for some way to get in touch with you for my twin sister’s benefit. She is a huge fan like your face is her wallpaper on every device that she has. She loves your music and has learned how to play a few of your songs on the guitar and piano. I really just want to surprise her for her birthday with something really special. It would be amazing if you could contact me and we could figure out something that would make her dream come true. Thank you so much for this opportunity to be able to have a chance to talk to you. You are amazing!

  14. I know you never respond but this would mean the world to my sister if you just responded with “hi Cambrey” or something.

  15. I am a huge fan. I have loved your music since like forever. I would love to meet you in person, get you autograph and go to one of your concerts. If you see this, please say hi to Camila for me.

  16. I know that I might be like a regular person but if you could reply a “hi” or something, it would make my day.

  17. I love you soo much, I am your biggest fan. I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing. Also if there is any way you could like to do a shoutout type thing to my dad, he has cancer and it would mean the world to me.


  19. hey shawn mendes what is you email/gmail because i am your absoloute numer 1 fan in new zealand and one day i want to meet you and i am having my birthday in lockdown i am turning 12 years old please write back to me on this website i hate lockdown but i am going to school but not today because my mum had to get tested for covid 19.

  20. heyo i’m Jessica i’m not going to say i’m your number one fan but i am a girl who appreciates your music .You are very talented and i hope you touch peoples lives with that talent cause i swear you’ve got this light in you that wants so bad to come out …. anyways lately I’ve been making a fool of myself sending you messages on IG, twitter and so on but i don’t regret it cause for some reason i think we have a connection you and i and i might be a fool again for saying such considering the fact that i don’t even know you personally but i feel like i do i can’t explain it i would love to because it’s got me confused ….. something tells me i’m meant to be in your life or maybe i’m crazy maybe i am who knows and in all honesty i don’t care … I’ve said before there is something going on with you i can feel it and i know i also know that you cant really talk to anyone about it cause they might not understand … i’m here for you …. i hope your manager shows you this and we can talk just like two normal people….i’m not saying this for attention but because i care so much it’s suffocating ….. i hope there will be a one day i’m talking to your managers and you Shawn anyway stay safe know that you and Camilla are loved and prayed for always

    1. so what does a girl need to do to get your attention or even a hi or maybe a simple conversation

    2. i am sending you fan mail. my first fan mail letter ever so sorry if it is a little awkward. look for a letter from mea devine. love you.

  21. I just wanna say I love your music, I love you so much (I had a crush on you) by the way, and I enjoyed watching Vine videos since I was 15 back then.
    I just wanna say “Hi” by the way and I’m sorry
    ~Esmeralda Castro

  22. Dear Shawn Mendes,

    I wrote a poem.
    I hope you read it.


    Joy Messerschmidt
    Wanaque, New Jersey
    Spackenkill High School
    “Inzandromeda Spaceships”

    “When the window Lands
    the tree branches cut;
    the jailbird the moon with her tits out in light
    and her legs out calling a taxi cab;
    I did not know; I did not know
    but if you know then tell me but then you know…
    the wolf speaks and dances in spanish;
    I only know english;
    and forget the fantasy languages taught in youth;uncouth.
    Give me some Juice.
    Wasn’t it the Life itself that said,
    “Come friend, I am the world.”

    ~Joy Xinhan Messerschmidt-Rowansage Wise

  23. i am sending you fan mail. my first fan mail letter ever so sorry if it is a little awkward. look for a letter from mea devine. love you.

  24. Hello I am wondering if you can do a short video message for a big fan of yours she is graduating college Sunday and has been through a lot she has kidney disease and has over come so much

    Her name is Courtney
    Thank you she loves you and was at your concert in Boston had the best time
    she is a huge fan
    You can send it to my email if possible thank you

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