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Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

Before we discuss about the address where this legendary actor, we should note a few things unique from the actor’s former members of the air force us.

Chuck Norris is an actor who has never lost to in every movie. He has a birth name Carlos Ray Norris. At the age of 18, she began joining the United States air force and served in South Korea. Chuck began studying martial arts in South Korea and resigned after serving for four years. In 1960, Chuck managed to open 30 location where the practice of karate.

Acting talent Norris was first discovered by McQueen. The year 1968, Norris any plunge into acting by starring in his first film The Wrecking Crew. Even though it has played in 45 films, the film’s most remembered by his fans is a movie titled Return of the Dragon (1973). In the film acting and kick you met Norris to Bruce Lee in the Colosseum of Rome.

OK, now it’s time we tell about where the home address of the Chuck Norris fact? We’ve been trying to find his home address, but the detail below can explain it


Also known as: Chuck Norris

Birth Name: Carlos Ray Norris

Birth Place: Ryan, Oklahoma,  USA

Birth Date/Age: 1940 March 10

Occupation: Actor, Martial Artist, Producer and Screenwriter

Nationality: American

Father  : –

Mother  : –

Sibling : –

Spouse / Wife : Gena O’Kelley (Married. 1998)

Dianne Holechek (Married. 1958–1988)

Children: 5 child, Mike and Eric Norris


Chuck Norris Website


Facebook :

Twitter  :

Instagram: –

Google+  : –

Youtube  : –

Snapchat : –

Email address:



Chuck Norris Address

Fan mail address

KickStart Kids

10260 Westheimer Rd. Suite 340

Houston, TX 77042, USA

Phone number: (713) 868.6003


  1. Dear Chuck,

    I wanted to comment on your note about cell phone use. I completely agree and wanted to add that cell phones and what I call “screens” (computers, etc.), which are the bane of the modern age has led to a continuing decline in attention spans–and not only for teens but for adults as well. This has profound implications on our culture, politics, social structures and relations, education, etc. as people who cannot sustain a train of thought for any length of time are unable to conceptualize or examine with any depth or real insight the consequences of their behavior, or the contents or meaning of the written or verbalized word. For 500 years, following the Guttenberg Bible, the increasing availability of the printed word led to gradually deeper and more critical thinking as well as better attention spans. The last 30 or 40 years has seen a deterioration of attention spans for a large number of people. I humorously refer to it as ADD NATION.

    On another note, I’m a HUGE fan of your movies and even more so Walker, Texas Ranger. I am certain that the values you exemplified in that show, in addition to covering such a wide variety of lifestyles, cultural and social phenomena, the value of friendship, trust, humor, and compassion has had an enormous impact on several generations of people who have watched it. It is also greatly entertaining. I’ve been wanting to write all this to you for some years so here it is! I was also greatly impressed you visited Netanyahu as I spent a year in Israel during the Yom Kippur War and am a big supporter of Israel.

    Anyway, God bless you and your family for all the good you have done for this country, both on screen and off. You have used your fame to create a better world.

    Kenneth Fils

  2. A Chuck Norris. Je vous envoie un courrier par FEDEX car j’ai besoin de votre aide pour un RV avec les Texas Ranger. Vous aurez mon courrier dans 3 jours. Merci d’avance.

  3. We are having a Health and Wellness Celebration here in Prescott Ariz. mid March 2019. Our small town would be beyond words if you could attend, and be our quest speaker for the occasion. K-12 Students, Parents, and our Community Leaders will ALL be there to promote Health, and Wellness in our lives! Merry Christmas, and all our best from Prescott.
    Barney Logan P.E. Teacher @ Lincoln Elementary

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  5. I enjoy the Walker series, I watch it all the time. Something jumped out at me in the scene where the Governors plane was shot down, The round was called out to be a 50 mm and should have been a 50 cal. Sorry to be so picky.

  6. Dear Chuck, i will be 16 in September 29th this year. I am a huge fan of yours and i love all of your movies Total gym video and all the other things you have done. Thank you for your service. I was wondering if you could send me a feamed Autograph picture for my birthday. I wish yiu would come out to Cleveland Oklahoma and give it to me in person so i can get some pictures taken with you And maybe you teach me karate. I watch ever walker texas Ranger on TV when it comes on. Love you chuck you’re the best. Sincerely, KYLER SURRETT you’re biggest fan.

  7. Loving our country as you do, can you take a look at how the system is trying to sway and turn our kids into believing our nation is a democracy?? We are a REPUBLIC! NOT a democracy. Please look this up and see. …… ‘for the republic for which we stand, one nation under God’ ……) Please. There is a big difference and there is a conspiracy to making people thinking our country is something else other than what it is. No wonder why we are messed up!

  8. l would like to be in your fan club please I’ve watched all your tv shows & some films. God your Great Just like Bruce Lee but you’re better Looking. Xx Love to your family

  9. I have never heard any of these doctors on Tv ever say that we should boost our immune system to help us with the coronavirus. My understanding is that they have never had a course in nutrition. All their money comes from the pharmaceutical companies who are not very friendly with nutritionists.

  10. Chuck when I was younger I took karate also. My instructor was D.P.Hill and I entered in one of your invitational I think it was in Houston but has been a long time. Sure would like to meet you I am a veteran also from the Air Force. I got the Air Force Commendation medal with a gold V for bravery and heroism from Khobar Towers.

  11. If Bruce lee and Chuck Noris were to fight who would win? Chuck would win because death is afraid of him.

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