User Request Autograph from Dylan O’Brien

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Hi, I am such a big fan. Me and my friend love watching Dylan on Teen Wolf and the Maze Runner and my friends birthday is coming up. I would love to surprise her with an autographed picture and if it is made out to someone it would be great if you could make it out to Bridget. She is Dylans number one fan and she absolutely loves him.

She has his sweatshirt from teen wolf and has him as her lock screen. She would absolutely freak out and love it if she could get an autograph and that would  make her birthday so special. I would appreciate it so much if you could send one. If you see this and email me back i will send my address to receive the letter with because i am moving and don’t want to give you my old address because then i wouldn’t be able to recieved it. Again, it would be greatly appreciated if you could make this happen.

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