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Jojo Siwa
Joelle Joanie

The Superstar girl named Joelle Joanie Siwa this is a dancer, singer, actress and now he actively upload videos on his YouTube channel that already has millions of subscribers. The new girl was 15 this year started his career as early as 2013 as contestants race dance. In the year 2015 Jojo Siwa starred in two seasons of the series Dance Moms with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa. Since play/dance on the television series, yes start the more well-known people. Starting from invited on the show to Nickelodeon’s role of Aubrey in the Movie School of Rock in December 2017. The song Boomerang and Kid in a Candy Store increasingly bring his name to the top of popularity. One of his biggest appearance took place in the concert at the Mall of America. Thousands of fans came to see the shows of Siwa.

We have managed to obtain an address he gives directly through his YouTube channel. Below there is some info that can make you more knowledgeable about Jojo Siwa, from email to website address


Also known as: JoJo Siwa

Birth Name: Joelle Joanie Siwa

Birth Place: Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Birth Date/Age: 2003 May 19

Occupation: Dancer, Singer, Actress and Youtuber

Nationality: American

Father: Tom Siwa

Mother: Jessalynn Siwa

Sibling: Jayden Siwa

Spouse / husband:-


JoJo Siwa Website





Google+: –


Snap chat: –

Myspace: –

Email address:

JoJo Siwa Address

CA 91202
Phone Number: (310) –


  1. Hi jojo, my name is Haley and I’m 7 years old. My birthday is one day after yours. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. Do you get nervous when you’re on stage? I like to sing and and dance, but I get nervous in front of ppl.

    1. Hi jojo,my name is janiyla and I’m 9 years and my
      birthday is on February12.i have 2 sis and 2 brother. Do you get happy when you on stage? I like to sing and dance,but I get nervous

        1. Hi I’m a humongously huge fan. I love you so much your my biggest inspiration
          It will be a dream to be at your concert

    2. Hi jojo I’m Taylor I am your biggest fan my walls are covered with your posters and I’ve got all your albums no joke I’m 12 turning 13 on the 13 of August I was born on th 13/08/07 I’m 13 this year I hope you reply to me I love you jojo hope I can see you live one day i8 would love you to sigh my poster of you it would mean everything to me bye love u jojo

        1. Hi jojo siwa. My name is Amalia and I am yoir number 1 fan! I loved u since u were dancing in the ABBY Lee dance company. U r my true inspiration.

          1. Hi I am Emma and My first BFF love her so much than she have bows and shoes of JoJo! Don’t be in the way of Her!

          2. Hi Jo jo siwa I am indian but also I like you my name is kavya I am 10 please do reply to me I am you fan I have also subscribed your YouTube channel

          3. JoJo siwa my name is Destiny I love your videos and I’m your number one fan I hope I can see you on your concert once Corona is done

          4. hi jojo,my name is lizzzzy smith i am 13 years old and i am a big fan i wanted to call u buti did not have ur phone number ls can u write it down my friends keeon saying no one can call u that it is all a lie so pls can u give me ur phone number and ur so inspirirng

          1. I am writing this for my granddaughter she turned 1 April 11th and got no big birthday because of covid i would love it if you would sing happy birthday to her her name is hayley every time you’re song boomerang comes on she will stop everything just to dance and listen and watch the video

      1. Hi Jojo my name is Jaycee and im 10 yrs old i just wanted to say im ur #1 and most biggest fan in the world i’ve got mostly all your bows and a doll i really want to meet u but i live in winnipeg. Anyways ur probably busy so bye i luv u Jojo!

        1. I luv u Jojo! PLEASE COME TO WINNIPEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u do my aderess is 93 lochmoor ave

          1. And also Happy birthday jojo. I REALLY WANT TO MEET YOU SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Can u please face time for my birthday in august?!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. Can u please face time for my birthday in august!!! i would absolutly LOVE that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          4. Hi my name is jacey castle and if your reading this give me a call if so my number is 863 845 6530

          1. Hi JoJo I’m your #1fan what’s your cell phone number my name is Araya Manson good Manson’s I’m 12 years old I am a girl I love your videos can I call you JoJo I want to be your friend please I love you please please please I love you call me

    3. Hi JO JO!! I am sending you a pair of sun glasses I bought with my allowance. On one of your shows you did not have a pair and I don’t wan to sun to hurt your eyes. I am one of your biggest fans even tho I am only 5. My grandma is typing this because I cant spell yet. Love You, <Madeline!

  2. hi jojo its Ariana grande just saying im going to be in altedena why don’t you come ill be there march 20 2019 bye girl

    1. If you are the real Ariana Grande then I’m a huge fan of you. Your music really inspires me:)

      1. My granddaughter is a huge fan she even dances to your music in her own YouTube site, she is 8 years old and will be at your concert in sydney

      2. Hi jojo can you fly all the way to Washington to come to my house my address is 7106 164th St E, Puyallup WA 98375 p.s.look for a gravel driveway between fence

    2. Hi ARIANA GRANDE i love you so much i have a THOUSAND of your merch because dos not like merch I LOVE YOU ARIANA GRANDE SOOOOOO MUCH I LOVE YOUR SONG ONE LAST

  3. hey jojo my daughter is 4 will be 5 oct 20 she loves you so much she has been wear your bows for her whole life it will a blessing if you could send her sum bows just from you for her birthday her name is ARYANA SHE LIKES TO DANCE ,SING,and she can do the SPLITS SHE LOVES JOJO

    1. thankyou I was wondering what it was I am so glad you said the number bye!!!!!!!!!
      and thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Hi Jo Jo. I’m BIGGEST fan of You! I have 33 Jo Jo Bows and 34 Jo Jo Clothes. Send me a message please. No.

  4. Hi Jojo Siwa, My Neice’s name is SaiDiksha, and she is a huge fan of yours. She loves you so much and dances for all your songs. And she can do Splits also.

  5. Jo Jo Siwa you make really good music.It really inspires little girls and I know you want to make the world a better place and I like that.-Isabella Thomas.

    1. hi jojo siwa my name is seyifunmi ojo and my birthday is may 19 and i have two brothers adn we are big fans

  6. Hi I rilly want you to tell me your phone number and I want to come to your house and be you friend and I want to meet Everly and be both of your friends

  7. Hi, my younger cousin just turned 6. She is a major fan and won’t stop taking about you, she says she wants you to come over to her house, I told her that’s not how it works so she will be writing you a fan letter 🙂

  8. Hey Jojo, My name is Gabby and I’m your biggest fan. I am five years old and have your water bottle, watch, party plates, cups, jacket and of course play your tunes and you tube channel 24×7! Come to Boston!

    Love, Gabby

  9. jojo i love your book, i have never read anything like it, I was surprised that you with the kids from game shackers. That was cool.

  10. Hey jojo I’m gabby and I’m 8 years old I love your concerts and I wish I can go to one I live in New York in Springfield garden I love you

  11. Hi my birthday was recently and I tried calling you Jojo but you did not pick up I love you Jojo I even went to your concert in 2019. I love you and I sing and dance to all your songs and I am one of your biggest fans.

  12. Hi Jojo siwa can you please tell me your address so I can send you a note from me!!!!! PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE I just really want to send you a note for me and by the way my name is Amelia

  13. I love your songs and some people say that you are stupid in my class but I think your nice so do my friend’s . But as you say don’t let those hateters get there way and I don’t care about what they say.

  14. Hi Jojo. My name is Zannara i’m 11 my birthday is Dec 13. I have 1 sister and 1 brother. I love singing! but i get nervous when i sing in front of many people but i can sing in front of my family and my friends. I really hope i can see you in real life soon.

  15. hi jojo i love you so much you have been my inspiration i have been yours truly and also ariana grande i love you guys so much you guys are my one and favourite in the whole universe

    1. hey My name is Lynzie Whiteley I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters I am 13 years old and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to get a boy to like me.

  16. Hi jojo could i pllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeee get ur phone number so i can facetime with u i luv u sooooooooooooooo much i want 2 meet u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. hi I’m Anika, I am a big fan too I want her real real phone number too. my friends and bffs are helping me out so I can meet her too.

  18. Hi Jojo, I have watched some of your youtubes they are great!!!!! do you like babysitting “mini jake paul”? he is so funny!!!!

  19. You also have a beautiful room!!! I would love to play in your murch room there is so many toys!!! Is is amazing how rich you are!!

  20. Hello Jojo my daughter is 3 years old her name is Elora we call her lolo her birthday is 06-22-16 she. loves you so much. She hopes you are ok during this time. She always saids wear your gloves and mask. She would love to facetime with you. Love you Jojo

  21. Hi Jojo Siwa I am Cedaine I am a big fan of you! I just wanted to say if you see this please reply I am a big fan and I just wanted to be your bestfriend and wanted to tell you something so do you have an email….

  22. Are you the real Jojo siwa cuz if u are im ur BIGGEST fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hi JoJo I’m Ella from SA and I’m ur biggest fan u Riele and Ella Anderson also jace can u plz give me ur phone number because May12 2021 I’m coming to Florida or New York for my birthday ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

      2. hey jojo twishaa hear i am a super big fan of you !!!!!!!!!! can you please give me your email id so that i can talk to you and have lots of fun !!!!!! (as i am only 10)

  23. im jojos biggest fan and im going to her concert in winnipeg cuz i live there and cuz its my D.R.E.A.M to see jojo in real life and not just in my dreams!!!!

  24. Thank you Krys I apppricate that!!! I am fine but thanks for asking to help you are so sweet!!! Thanks agian for standing up for me.

    1. JoJo can you come over tomorrow morning please come to my house I’m your bigeses fan my. Name is Melanie .

  25. JoJo can you come over tomorrow morning please come to my house I’m your bigeses fan my. Name is Melanie .

  26. Alyse thank you for saying that we both can stand up fore each other I don’t know why Jojo Siwa is being so rude to us. P.S do you what to be pen pals?

    1. jojo can u pls get me vip tickets i want to meet u so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to be your pen pal so bad too and are you the real jojo siwa

  27. Hi JoJo Siwa my name is Melanie and I am 10 years old and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I sent you some fan mail to u May 14th 2020. I was actually wondering could you could maybe send me some VIP tickets that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!! And could you send a letter back to me in three months from now pleeeeaaaasssseeee and thank you. This is from ur #1 and most huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggge fan from Melanie

    1. hey Jojo you are the best do you think you could email me please I love you!!!!!! I am your wildest fan and biggest !!!!!!!!!!!! please email me at [] PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you song boomerang and do you could mention me in our video Ashlin is my name I love you too much!!!!!!! <3 today is my brother Michael's birthday

    1. Hold on Jojo I just Google the time in California and it’s 3:51 p.m so what time is good for you either today or tomorrow anytime works for me? I did not know California had a different time than where I live.

  28. hi jojo i am HUGE fan i watch your videos All the time have a good day by jojo hope we can talk soon byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  29. My little sister just turned five and is a huge fan and said she wants to be just like you when she grows up. You are her inspiration.

  30. Hi jojo siwa my name is jonathan lambert!
    I Love your videos. will you email me please at
    I wish you Were my sister!
    my sisster seid you are realy rude to other people wich I refuse to beleive. is there a way to get your real phone number please!!

  31. can we facetime for my bday in august PLEASE???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would make me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. i sent you some fan mail on march 19 so can u please send me a letter back and maybe some VIP tickets to your concert in winnipeg?!!!!!!???????

  33. Dear Jojo,
    I am YOUR #1 FAN!! I am 12 years old and I live in lake city mi. Do you think you can do a surprise call on my birthday? My birthday is Jan. 12! If you can, I would love it if you could send VIP tickets to one of your concerts close by! If we could zoom together, that would be awesome!! YOU were my light in the darkness when I thought I was done.

  34. I’m so sorry Jojo about not having the Zoom meeting today my parrots hade to get something for the pool I just what to wish you a happy birthday and good wishes to you. When you get a chance plz look at my YouTube video about just for you….. you can search on YouTube Krystyan Colautto to find me.

  35. Hi JoJo!
    Did you know that we share the same nickname and birth name? My name is JOELLE and my nickname is JOJO! Can you believe it???!!! I even kinda have a similar personality (based off of tik tok and youtube)! I’m 10yo and I love your music! I love performing and I love fashion, what better pair? Some day I want to meet you in person. Did you know that you appeared in my dreams? It was weird when I told you my name in the dream. What was your first song, and how old were you when it was released? Another question (be perpared to be bombarded with questions) is: how do you put an official video on youtube, and by that, I don’t mean like posting a video. I mean, do you just write a song and then make a video for it? Because I’ve wanted to make songs and make official videos for them for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG time. If I could contact you, I would. maybe send an email or something, or can you tell me your email instead (if you have one)? Or maybe a zoom, but I should ask my parents first. The first song I heard from you was Boomerang, but my favorite is World Wide Party and my second fav. is Every Girl’s a Super Girl. Where did you get the ideas for those songs? Please, please, please! answer these questions! And I wish you the best birthday ever!!!(can’t believe today is your b-day!)

  36. Hi jojo My name is Madison vellia and im been a fan sice i was 8 now im 12.I love the bows and i love watching your videos even when i get a head aek from the screaming but i do the same i wear a bow everyday people say hey jojo because i wear them all the time.i love the songs and i want to cummticate you some how this was my first time acutley having a shot or evan a chance.Ill tell you mare when you awnser bye.

  37. Hi Jojo. My name is Kiki and I can’t believe I’m doing this cause I’m not exactly what u call bold and excited like my little sister. So anyway, I’m sorry this is late but here I go. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOJO!!!

  38. hi jojo,Happy Birthday!Can I call you?I have your number so I know it.I only have one jojo bow,but I hope I still qualify as a fan.I wish I had your barbie and more bows,but nothing in life comes easy I will call you tomarow and tell you more.Bye!

  39. Hi JO JO. I’m7 years old. I’m your biggest fan I went to your concert at the Brisbane entertainment Centre and I was a VIP.
    What is your mailing address so I can send you letters?

  40. Hey Jojo Siwa can I have your phone number? We can talk about singing and dancing because I love doing that all the time all day long and I added you on Snapchat.

  41. I am sooo sorry I have not called you yet jojo,my mom dose not think it is your real phone numb but she might let me try.I cant wate to talk to you!bye!

  42. You do not have to give me VIP tickets to your concert!! That was really sweet of you tho!! I love you so much we are BFF. I REALLY TRUELY am your fan! you are amazing

    Your fan Alyse.

  43. Hi Jojo Siwa,

    I’m Carla from Barcelona (Spain) and I’m 8 years old.
    I like to watch your videos and I love your live stile your personality.
    I’m your big fun, I’m not stopping to listen your music.

    I send you a lot of kisses from Barcelona.

  44. Hey Jojo! My name is Robin and I’m 11 years old. You’re so cool! I have some of your bows and I were them to school a lot. You’re such an amazing singer and dancer. I do dance as well, it’s not that scary to get up on the stage cause I’m so used to it already! I think you did an amazing job as the T-Rex on the Masked Singer! You inspire me a lot I was wondering if we can be pen pals? I know you are probably not ever gonna read this and I understand if we cannot be pen pals. I hope you are staying safe!

  45. Hi Jojo. Your mailbox was full so I used your other email please answer me. Also I’m using my other email not gmail.

  46. hi jojo,I was wondering if it is ok to tell peopole your phone number.I know you post it on the fan mail site to othr peopole but I dident know if I could tell my friends.Just let me know.bye!

  47. hi jojo siwa happy new month i am here to say u are the best and i am ur birthday mate may 19

  48. JoJo can u PLEASE send me VIP tickets to ur concert in winnipeg and i sent u fan mail on march 19 so i hope u reply to me JUNE 19th! Bye girl!

  49. hi jojo can i call you but what is your number and i am geting a phone soon but i want to call you

  50. hey jojo when I tryed to call you it said the mail box was ful and could not exept any new mesages

  51. JoJo I am 10 and it is my dream to meet you and the labrant fam and Jake Paul but please I am beagind you to contact me my number is 217 720 0931 I need Jakes number and the labrant fans number when I meet you I will oh you somthing

  52. Hi Jojo. Can I send you an invitation on hangouts and do you have any other email that isn’t your work email.

  53. Hi my name is Francesca and I’m your biggest fan! I love your glitter bows I see them at target and I love them.

  54. Hi jojo siwa i went to your D.R.E.A.M tour i want to see you i sang in front of people in the relay for life it was a lot of people!!! i love audc and want to be on it i love you so much #peaceouthatorz

  55. hii jojo! hopefully you see this. i know you might have many more important things going on, but i wanted to ask you a favor. could i interview you a couple of simple questions with the image and influence you have on social media, and you, the true you? i wanted to focus my documentary on what teenagers are ‘supposed ‘to be like in this day and age, and since people say you come off more bubbly than the regular teen, i wanted to include you in this documentary. i hope you see this and be able to answer a couple questions! it would really mean a lot to me ❤️❤️

  56. Boomerang’ is all about coming back from the hate and not listening to the hate. It really tells a really great message.

  57. hii jojo how are you doing We love your songs and we will always be your great big fans

  58. hi i emailed you oh this is you biggest fan EVER!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much keep being AWSOME!!! bye

  59. hi i emailed you oh this is you biggest fan EVER!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much keep being AWSOME!!! bye

  60. hi jojo please answer my dms @melisorno. i would really appreciate having a quick convo with you. much love <3

  61. hi jojo i am your biggest fan i watch your videos and i love you and i wish too see you bye

  62. As soon as you can JoJo just dm me @melisorno, and it’ll just be a couple questions for my documentary.

  63. Hi JoJo my name is Jenna Woodson and I want you to call me please my phone number is 2193347908 and I am a huge fan and when you first came out on the masked singer I new it was you so I would love it if you can call me

  64. hey jojo can you please call me my phone number is 234+08183936551 i love you and your songs i see all your concerts but not live you dont do in lagos it will be nice for u to come to my state

  65. hi jojo siwa I don’t know if you will like me. I’m from Nigeria. I listen to your songs and I’m really inspired. I want to be a singer like you. I wish I can meet you when I come to do my university in Canada. I have your phone number but I don’t know if you will answer me. My name is Faith

  66. Oh, and i see you got a new puppy it is ADORABLE!! i love it as much as i love you but you are probly better! could we do a zoom?

  67. Hi Jojo my name is Matias I’m a 14 year old Namibian boy and I’m one of your biggest fan; because you are sow cool and I also want to become a actor on Nickelodeon so……….w much and I would like to meet you some days if my dream could come true;to become a actor on Nickelodeon kids TV show,

  68. Hi Jojo my name is Matias I’m a 14 year old Namibian boy I’m your biggest fan cause you are sooooooooo.w cool and I soooooooooow to become a actor on Nickelodeon kids TV show it had been my biggest DREAM sens I was yang

  69. Sorry to all my fans that I did not respond to you but I’m feeling a bit sick so it’s how to answer back because I’m laying down but when I get better I can talk again to all my fans while you wait check out my YouTube channel with my merch room tour I love you all and ✌ OUT!

  70. Hi, JoJo, Its Me Your biggest, Hugest, Fattest, Enormous, Mightiest, strongest, NUMBER 1 Fan on the Whole Entire Earth. Don’t worry, I will protect u Whenever u are hurt, Sick or even felling Bad. I’m always there! I Hope u get better, Bye!! LOVE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

  71. Hi is me again I got my mom’s number 081-498 1753 you can contact me on this number please , Oh quick question do you do to school will you are a actress, and thanks for being available,I also check out your You Tube channel.

  72. Yoh I checked out you You Tube channel and thous video are super cool,Oh and I hope you are feeling better now.

  73. Hi, it’s me again, I hope u are feeling much better. Anyway, I checked out ur YouTube Channel and it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. I Love U very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. omg jojo i love you so much i been watcing since danes moms i love your energy wow this is amazing you can email me and call me my number s 8573561546 and way to exspose you address and dont do that ever again

  75. Hi, my name is Fabien, I can understand ur Story and forgive u. Anyway may u tell JoJo that I’m a Huge Fan and I’m asking her if we can meet? And also, before I forget, May u tell her if we can make a call on WebEx?

    Thank u!

  76. Hi jojo my name is Godswill and i am 11. i really want to know you firs i sent you a friend request on roblox also i need your phone number so i can be your friend and be on nickelodeon with you.

  77. hi jojo,I know you are very bissy but I was just wondering if you are going to reschedule your dream turs.I was supost to go to your one on may 15th but it got cancled and we did not get a new rescheduled date.I just dident know if I could still come an meet you aventuly.

  78. hi jojo this is Courtney i am a big fan of you and matty b my friend Dara is also a very big fan of yours I hope you can accept me in hangouts. Can you pls give me your num and matty’s pls. I hope you have an app called viber or whatsapp.

  79. hi jojo this is Courtney i am a big fan of you and matty b my friend Dara is also a very big fan of yours I hope you can accept me in hangouts. Can you pls give me your num and matty’s pls. I hope you have an app called viber or whatsapp.

  80. I just saw your NONSTOP music video it was sooooo amazing I realy want to be in one of your music videos one day!

  81. Hi Jojo my name is Londyn and I’m ten years old I am moving to Fort Bragg you should visit me and I am your world’s biggest fan Ps I’d like you to invite me to your birthday party next year

  82. Hello Jojo my name is Londyn we are to Fort Bragg you should visit us PS I’d be happy if you invite me to your birthday party next year

  83. hi Jojo siwa,am a fan…,well, I just want to say you’re amazing in your way and that’s want you Jojo siwa I’ve seen people commenting really badly about you and the way you joke over it is really cool and not much people do that and you taught me to look at people’s about me in a fun way and that as really helped me a lot and I also have a question,” now that you’re 17,are you going to go for the all billboard singing career stuff or you’re gonna stick with ” it’s Jojo siwa”.well I like you and I just want you to know that am 15 yrs old and have being listening to your music since you started and am never goin’ to stop
    You’ve also made me realise that the best me is by being myself and you’ve really influenced through these yrs
    keep up the Jojo dream lovin’ it

  84. Sorry hard things are happinig in my familey i am SO sorry i am a sad person inside kyrs can we be friends i love you so much can we forget this??

  85. I was not mad at you i was mad at my familey and the choices they are makeing now i hope you will not remeber me as a “mean” person. i love you jojo and krys so ✌out and love ya’ll

  86. hi jojo,I realy dont want to be mean or overwellming but you have not responded to anyone in a long time,I hope you dident forget us.Your just propily just very bissy

  87. your the best i’m so happy i can actually talk to you this is the best day ever .i don’t know how to do a smiley face emoji but if i did know how i would put a lot cause their can never be to much right.

  88. your the best i’m so happy i can actually talk to you this is the best day ever .i don’t know how to do a smiley face emoji but if i did know how i would put a lot cause their can never be to much right.

  89. We can go on Zoom right now if you want .I just really want to talk to you your the best i’m sorry i asked if you can baby sit me i forgot about quarantine i’m so stupid

  90. Krys, remember I’m a boy not a girl. I can create the google Meet anytime, but to create it, I would need all the emails of all theFans of JoJo Siwa. But I do not think so she will see ur invitation, But I Pray, she will.

  91. Hi jojo,
    I have a 6yr old female foster child and she totally adores you! She is one of your many biggest fans! She would love to meet you but writing a letter to you is safer at this time. She says hi and keep doing a great job! Her favorite song is boomerang! She loves your hair bows too!

  92. yh, ik same thing, hey guys login ur selves on wattpad and Jojo Siwa is there too, I’m also there and remember follow Jojo Siwa and I, her name is: ItsjojosiwaOfficial or: jojosiwafans and me it’s: Fab_izih
    Follow me and I will follow u also, and I logged in today. see u!

  93. Yh, I know, but she never answers, I send a lot of texts and emails even google meets, invitation, but she never answers. And I don’t know wat to do. Sry Krys.

  94. Oh, that’s ok IK pop stars are sometimes busy. Hey, do u play the game MovieStarPlanet 2 Fabien? If u do or If u what to play it my username on the game is cool krys

  95. Aww, I love kittens and I got a toy of a kitten name FeFe NM just playing this new game my friend show me MovieStarPlanet 2 ya, and I miss chatting with u and I’m kinda scared to meet Jojo cus I’m a shy girl lol it was nice hearing from you talk to u soon bye.

  96. Hello Jojo I am your biggest fan I was hoping you could send me one of your bows for Christmas also I sent you an email when you reply to my email I will send you my address

  97. Hello Jojo, my name is courtney and im 28 years old. my birthday is right after yours. i love you, i love your videos. i am a fan of you. i love your bows that you have sold and made. i was hoping you could send me one of your jojo siwa christmas dress and jojo siwa christmas pjs and a jojo siwa christmas bow. im a size XL. i have 3 sisters but no brothers. i have 3 dogs. i also like to sing and dance. i cannot wait to see you perform live in concert next year.

  98. Hey, Alyse so I look it up but it doesn’t say it’s a talk thing but do you think we can do a talk room or a Zoom if you can pick which one we do if you are interested just tell me, and hope you had a good Christmas my Christmas was pretty good.

  99. Hey, Alyse so I look it up but it doesn’t say it’s a talk thing but do you think we can do a talk room or a Zoom if you can & pick which one we do if you are interested just tell me, and hope you had a good Christmas my Christmas was pretty good.

  100. Hi! This іs my first visit to your blog! We are a collection of volunteers ɑnd starting
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    Your blog proνided us useful information to work
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  101. Hi JoJo,
    My name is Ava and I am a really big fan. I really wish I can meet you one day. You are the best and I love your cute dog too!

  102. I had a dream two days ago it was when there was a big birthday party and I saw you and I gave you a big hug and my mom and dad walked up to you and they ask you for your phone number and you said yes got your phone number and then we became friends forever and we had cake with each other and we danced with each other and I really wish I could meet you so call me with this phone number. 8504614118

  103. John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that He gave His One and only Son that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

  104. I am you biggest fan in New Mexico. I had front row tickets to you concert before the CORNA. I am sending you a friendship letter. I hope you have a great day and get to read my letter. Thank you. PS Your dog is super cute with a cool name bow bow.

  105. Dear Jojo siwa you are such a good singer and you put message in you music that help me stand up because i been bulied by a lots of people and your song boom rang helped me i am such a big fan i saw you in consert is south carolina you where amazing you voice is like a angel are you going to come out with a new song i watch you on youtube and you helped a hole lot of people i think you should follow your dreams like you tell use to do.

  106. hi jo jo siwa my name is rosie and i am almost 17 i really really love your songs and i love your youtube chanals my birthday is on october 25 and i want you to come to my party i am doing a jo jo siwa birthday party and i love you jo jo siwa

  107. Dear Jojo,
    My name is Eliana. Sometimes I watch your videos. They are very cool. I love you so so much! I have two guinea pigs named pancake and meatball. I have a Jojo puzzle and I am obsessed with you. I am mailing a letter to you. Are you able to write back? P.S. My mom is helping me type this. I am 6.

  108. Hi jojo my name is Destiny bryant i really really want to meet you and can i have your phone number because you are my dream come true and i love your videos i love to dance sing and be happy i really hope i meet you one day. i have a jojo puzzle with bow bow on it

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