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Also known as: Garth Brooks

Birth Name: Troyal Garth Brooks

Birth Place: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Birth Date/Age: 1962 February 7

Occupation: Singer And Songwriter

Nationality: American

Father: Troyal Raymond Brooks

Mother: Colleen Carroll

Sibling: –

Spouse: Trisha Yearwood (m. 2005), Sandy Mahl (m. 1986–2001)

Children: –

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Garth Brooks Address

Major Bob Music, Inc.

1111 17th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212

United States

Phone Number: 615-329-1040

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  1. Tickets at Knoxville Nov. 16th shut down. My daughter and I would love to see your concert. If you want to give us the surprise of a lifetime……Please send a couple of tickets to :

    395 Poteat Ln
    Fall Branch, TN. 37656

    I don’t have a bribe, sad story…..just looking for an awesome mother daughter night seeing the most loved country singer

    The Marsh girls,
    Rhonda and Taylor Marsh

  2. Garth Brooks – our company has held Toys for Toys toy drives for 24 years – we are located in Burlington County NJ not far from Prospectors where I saw you are scheduled to appear on December 2, 2019. I would love to be able to offer a Garth Brooks themed door prize to help entice more toy donations this year – your 12/2 appearance happens before our event (12/7/19). But we have a Food Drive event on 11/9. Is there any way possible to receive merchandise and or tickets to a Garth Brooks event to be used for this purpose? Thank you so much for your kind consideration!

  3. We live in Enid, Oklahoma and very much would like to go see you in concert closer to home in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, Oklahoma but have not had funds to go see you in concert. Wondered if would get back in touch with us have never been to concert. My husband is on Disability and recently lost my job so money is real tight until can get back to work. We are fan of you and Trisha Yearwood.

  4. Garth, I just want to thank you for your music . My son is 33 He was never suppose to live past 5 , and guess what he is alive!!!! and I contribute this to God . and You . You see God gave him the miracle of life and you touched his soul with you music. He has savant syndrome with musical tendencies. He can hear a song and repeat it . he sings your songs and keep perfect beat. I just want to say thank you for all the years that you touched our life. You made a huge difference in my sons life and I wanted you to know that . thanks you Donna Fowler

  5. Garth
    Guess getting songs to you is near impossible. Even when We have mutual friends. Let me pitch you one..
    It’s called “friendly fire” but not what you might think!
    Trust.. like folks have in you

  6. Hello Garth – I surprised my mom with tickets to celebrate her 82nd birthday in style – at your show!!! She said to me after her hip surgery…”one thing I would still love to do in my lifetime is see Garth Brooks in person”….2 days later it was announced you were coming to Detroit. Oh, be still my heart! I was bursting at the seems when she opened her gift at Christmas and it was a photo of you with our seat numbers! We are counting down the days. So excited that I can fulfill one of her dreams while she is still with us. If there is anyway to meet you before or after the show or receive a signed photo or a shout out to Louise Shinew at the Feb 22nd show in Detroit that would be amazing!

  7. Hello Garth,
    Let me start off by saying, I don’t want your money or to have your babies. What I would love is for you to come to a midwestern state dive bar and meet my sister who has done so much for me as I am disabled. She swears that she spoke to you in a private chat way back before you decided to hit the big stage. I will not disclose the screen name in case you still use it. I will say she has been obsessed with meeting you or at least talking to you to clarify, if in fact this was you she chatted with on numerous occasions. I know this seems like a foolish thing but she doesn’t ask for much from anyone and gives her heart to everyone, It would make her extremely happy to prove me wrong because I am not sure she did chat with you in an AOL chat room. Anyway if you could give me an email or a number where she could reach you that would be great. 5 minutes of your time would make her life! OH did I say I was also a huge fan but she is 100% convinced it was you, She has been dwelling on this for 30 years or so…………Please put an end to her questions,

  8. Dear Garth: When you first hit the music scene, I was driving my Z28 Camero with the T tops open to work and I was rocking out. I loved your music so much. When tickets became available in Tahoe, Ca I was working long hours during rice harvest so I purchased 4 tickets from a scalper for my two sons and 1 girlfriend and I to attend. We were on the side of the stage when you came up in the center. I discovered I didn’t have film in my camera and I was desperately trying to put film in. Dropped my camera, broke all the lens gave it up and watched the show. WOW!!! we were not disappointed. Next tickets became available in Oakland Ca. My boys stood in live for a very long time. So again we purchased tickets to go. Our golden retriever just had pups we offered you one through the radio station but didn’t hear anything back. My puppies name was Jordan Alexandra Brooks Sachs. For this concert we were again on the side of the stage but ok tickets. Did not disappoint again and I left camera at home. LOL Next you were in Sacramento, Ca. at Arco Arena. Again extensive long lines but my sons stood there to get tickets. I purchased 6 tickets because now my husband Christian wanted to know what this concert was all about. We were in the back of the stage, couldn’t hardly see because of speakers etc. I told my boys, don’t be disappointed, we’ve had good seats before and this is our 3rd concert for Garth. Just then your road manager came up to my oldest son and wanted to trade him tickets. Me being a protective mom, the mama bear came out and I kept asking what was going on, what did this guy want (LOL). My son told me to be cool. He traded us for 2nd row seats center stage for all 6 of us. I asked the security guard if this was real and he said yes. We were screaming. BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!. Your music has rewarded me in many way. I think my song, is the Dance. The one I want to dance to is DIVE BAR. I understand why you left to raise your daughters as I have two wonderful sons. We missed you, your music and your light in life. Glad you are back. In 2014 I suffered my first heart attack. I now have 5 stents in my heart and 1 in my carotid artery. Rehab has been hard. Fighting my weight and the willingness to go out and walk. Since I don’t fly I was wondering if you’re ever coming back to Sacramento or Tahoe? I live in a small farming community. We grow alot of rice here. Have great duck hunting and fishing off the Sacramento River. You and Blake could play our dive bar but only fit about 40 people and that would include you and the band. LOL. Never loose your love for life, your music and your family. I can honestly say I was blessed to attend your concerts and to have your music in my life. Be well
    Barbara Sachs

  9. Me Brooks I met u in Lincoln, Ne in early 90’s at Ft Western store. Went to purchase piece of tack. Couldn’t believe all the people lined up esp up to 2nd floor where tack was. Got dirty looks passing everyone to top of stairs. Thought must be a great sale! Then this good looking guy wearing a black hot came up to me stretched out his hand & said “Hi, I’m Garth Brooks” and I do the same saying “Hi, I’m SueAnn Schwabauer.” Had no idea who u were. We spoke probably 20 min & u told me about ur fear of horses. I invited u to my barn & work on that. U answered I would but I’ve got a show to do & Id like 2 gave u 2 tickets up front!! I love almost any genre of music & took u up on it. Fell in love with ur music that night. Have seen u many times since. I high schooled, college, & pro barrel racing since till 96. Now I have secondary progressive MS. Still rode 2 of my horses daily till a year ago & that’s it. In a WC since. But rode daily except Easter & Christmas following my daddy who rode all days both those 2 days daddy rode till he was 88! I’ve been an RN MSN for 30 yrs. both of my parent’s sang. Mom studied classical music in Europe. Dad played many instruments & couldn’t read a note of music also great song writer. I didn’t pic up that gene. He’s also a good artist. Not me unfortunately. Would love to make it to one of ur shows before I travel to my Lord in Heaven. If u would put on a show here in Lincoln, NE my husband is a 45 ya police Sgt & could get outside of ur bus to get up close to I. Did to Willie’s show last Summer. Have a great story about meeting W Nelson too. I was up in Houston rodeo when Elvis played. He was driven to entry gate & we had a chance meeting & spoke for 20 minutes. Met many great singers:song writers when rodeoing in big winter rodeos. U will probably never read this or card I sent but gave it a try. No cell phpnes when we first met. Congrats on marrying Trisha. Both look so happy together. I’ve bored u enough. Could I have an 8×10 autographed photo of u. There’s a Husker on envelope! But husband & I love OSU football. Greatest fans when they came to our stadium & then yours. Same with CSU not UV. In college 1 roommate from OK & other a Ohio State. Needless to say football Saturdays were nuts!! Also what a great daddy u r!!
    God Bless,
    SueAnn Schwabauer Sheridan

  10. Mr Garth
    I feel odd in even asking having read thru the above comments.
    I heard your song, sometimes late at night when you are sleeping, the other day.
    I thought of how blessed I am to have the love of my life by my side.
    I am 60 Teresa is 59 and we will be celebrating our 40 th anniversary in August, the 28th.
    I would love to be able to hand her a cd with that song of true love, with a message of
    blessings from Mr Garth.
    Please also send me a bill as a gift for my lover knows no cost.

    By the way, thank you for entertaining us and even more for living a life style with your lovely wife for others to aspire to.

    Pastor Wayne Sweely

  11. Tried to purchase the affordable family friendly Drive-In Theater ticket for $100 a carload (6 people max) and found that to purchase a ticket my minimum price was $272 +fees. thought I was doing it wrong so went back in and the next set of tickets was $1000. I thought that Garth and his promotion team should know that the price of the ticket being charged by the Drive-In or their promotor is NOT a family friendly affordable price. Very disappointed

  12. Hi Garth… if you actually read this, I would love it if you sent me back a message sometime. I watched the show you did on Netflix- it was awesome! I have loved your music for years. Over the last few years, however, a couple of songs became especially meaningful to me. I lost my first (ex) husband very suddenly in 2003. We had divorced in 1989 but remained very close and raised our sons together as friends. On April 16th 2003, he asked me to get remarried- our boys were going to be graduating in 6 weeks and we wanted to be together as a family once again for that. If Tomorrow Never Comes…… tomorrow came, but he passed away before the day ended with no warning. He was a Vietnam veteran, had been a POW and his life had been a difficult struggle to overcome so much. Our sons and I never got to say goodbye- he was gone within minutes. 17 years and we are still hurting. In my search for information to get paperwork for his military honors funeral, I met up with several Vietnam vets online who helped me with what I needed. One continued to chat and seemed so kind and caring and we chatted for several months before he drove the 1 1/2 hours to meet. It was the beginning of a 16 year nightmare marriage of verbal, mental and emotional abuse (and sometimes physical). He got me while I was vulnerable and weak and was an easy target and before long I was a shell of my former self. The video and song The Thunder Rolls is SO powerful… I watched it during the Netflix special and it was chilling. I managed to find the strength to break free last summer and am now divorced, but I am still recovering and will never be the person I was before. I’m disabled, had two strokes in 2014/15 and have gone back to work part time to work my way out of the debt he left me in but I am free and I am alive. I work with other senior women now to help them see that they do not have to stay in abusive relationships and to help support them and as I myself continue to heal… Thank you for the music that touches the heart and soul…

  13. Mr Brooks, If you would happen to have :30 Secs… I am the Gold Star Father of SPC Cody James Moore. I only go to one Memorial event. The Mountain Man Memorial March in Gatlinburg, Tn in late April. Due to this FLU it was canalled. An organization that I reached out to asked me to attend an event in Charlotte, NC in mid Sept. “Hot Rods for Heroes”. I’ve asked my Friend (That I met on my first trip to MMMM!) to help me get thru this. With hat in hand and a heavy heart I ask: Could you send a video message thanking these AMAZING people that step up and support this hurting Father?

  14. Hi Garth,

    I want to first congratulate you on being selected as this years Gershwin Award winner. I have been a country music fan since the early 1970’s growing up with Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride and Buck Owens. I believe you are the best country singer yet. You had made country music stronger and more popular than any other country artist. What I like about you is you have lot of class, you are the real deal,honest ,sincere and generous. You respect your fans like they were your immediate family. You do not see many entertainers with your moral character. God has given you a special gift and you share it with the world. I really enjoyed your performance at the Gershwin award ceremony you really work hard and knock yourself out like no other.

    All the Best to you and your family. I wish you continued success and to stay safe!


    Bob Durant
    137 Simonich Circle
    Chicopee, MA 01013

  15. I always thought of you as the all American Singer , now I hear you are playing for Pedifile, commie , Joe Biden ! What a let down You playing for a cheating, lieing , commie , bastard like Joe O Biden ! Oboma’s pupet !I am pissed ! Biden will give our country up to china! Stocks will drop like a rock! The 2020 Election was rigged , just like in 1987 when Biden and Harris worked together and Biden alnost Stole the President Election ! Peolosi is nuts ! By the way I would not trust Joe Biden Near My Daughter !!! Thank you for Your time ,Have a Great Day .

  16. I would really appreciate it if you didn’t play for the biden inauguration. I in the shop I work at if one of your songs come on they now shut the radio off. We had always thought of you as an all American guy now we don’t.

  17. Garth,
    I and my family have followed your music since day 1.
    Following your announcement of supporting Beijing Biden,
    I cannot believe you turn your back on America
    I and my Family are FANS NO MORE

  18. Never listen to you again you are for censorship and taking my freedom away. Can’t believe you would play for the Cummunist

  19. garth brooks is nothing more than a pedophile bald headed inbred cocksucker!! I caught him blowing a 7 year old little boy in a hotel room!! And, look who he is hanging out with! Joe “the fagboy” Biden, who use to suck beau bidens cock when he was 5!!

  20. Garth, I was always a supporter of you. now that you have decided to participate in Biden’s bull shit inauguration. you will kill your career. if you want to support this asshole at his stolen election then I hope you burn in hell with all the rest of the traitors in this country. you have just sealed the fate of your career. F…K you. your nothing but a GD traitor to this country…..

  21. Garth…i have been a big big fan of yours for a long time. My family has been to multiple concerts and bought your music.
    However, today is a turning point for me. Your statement of why you are performing at the Biden inauguration is about the most naive statement I have ever read, and it was extremely sad for me to read. I will not go into all the different ways that this new administration is going to destroy America, but you seem to either be so naive that you don’t get it or you are in agreement with the proposed policies. You claim to be a man of God, and you are supporting by your presence a man and a woman that support and encourage ABORTION right up to birth. I cannot even imagine a more evil thing, and you are supporting it. You may say you don’t, but your presence at this inauguration is with a whole bunch of other performers that make no bones about supporting ABORTION on demand. So, like it or not, you are complicit by joining that throng, and it is one that despises God and everything He stand for. You can sound off all about ‘love’ and somehow you think you are part of a healing process. Such naivete’.
    I am sorry that we will be parting ways if you show up and perform, no matter how many niceties you talk about. This administration is polar opposite everything I have ever heard from you and what I thought you stood for. Apparently, I am the one that has been naive.
    For what its worth, I believe this move by you is a career ending decision. You may win awards from the liberal left, but your fans are generally not even close to the iiberal policies your are supporting with this action. I personally hope you have an epiphany and don’t show up, but it’s your life and you alone will suffer the repercussions. Sadly, I must surmise that Tricia, another of my most favorite artists, is in agreement with your decision. Very sad for the both of you.

  22. You sold us out Garth. Your real fans, real Americans. Why? They promised you a Kennedy award? Sold your soul for fame? Don’t you have enough? LeDuex would slap you. What a shame.

  23. As one OSU, MS “Cowboy” grad to another, I cannot believe that you would perform at the inauguration of a “Political Party” that believes in “Cancer Culture”. I’ve been to three of your concerts, but I will never be back. I wouldn’t wish you go down in flames, with all your “Hollywood Friends” but its in God’s Hands.. I proudly state that I’m a Deplorable, and I”m proud of it! God Bless America!

  24. You have lost my support due to your acceptance of Joe Biden and rejection of President Trump inauguration celebration. You do not know who your fans are. I have loved you for years, but I will no longer listen to your station on Sirrus……. So sad…..

  25. Garth, I am an old fan from when you started out. I have most of your cd’s and always respected you for the way you handled your career. Always thought you were an up standing American loving country type guy. I’m disappointed that you would support someone who wants to destroy the very country we vets laid down our lives for. I am going to dispose of all your recordings and videos. I will NOT watch any more of your tv specials. Hope you don’t have to regret your decision . I’m sure 75 million other Americans feel similar as I do.!!!!

  26. You refused to perform for Trump,, but had no problem with saying yes to biden. Don’t tell me you’re fair. I will never support you again.

  27. I’m amazed that you would do such a thing!! You used to be my favorite performer, now I will never go see you, buy anything of yours again. You screwed the pooch on this one!!

  28. Dear Garth: My admiration for you just grew immensely after watching your performance of Amazing Grace at the Inauguration. It’s a classic — and words we should all repeat and cherish. You were right to try to help bring people together. We can agree to disagree without being so hateful and destructive. I am sure you searched your heart before making the important decision to sing during a very turbulent time in our country’s history. You did the right thing and showed boldness and courage. It may not be very popular with certain people, but that’s ok. Doing the right thing isn’t always the most popular choice. I admire Dr. Jill Biden as an educator, wife, a step mom, and now the First Lady. I understand she specifically requested you to sing. She has great taste in music! My husband, who is a musician, thought you did a GREAT job! And that’s just like you to bring people together – to both sing together and to open our hearts and minds. May you be blessed beyond measure both professionally and personally. Thank you again for such a beautiful and inspiring performance. Hoping to hear more from you in the coming years.

  29. Garth, I think you must be broke Playing for scumbag Pediphile Biden’s inauguration. We will not be contributing to your bankruptcy collection. Never saw you i concert, never will after today for sure. You sang at Obama’s and dissed Trumps. It IS a political ploy. You are broke, and needed money, and did not care where you got it from.. Good luck with “Your” president.

  30. You used the excuse you had a concert to play when President Trump asked you play for his inauguration. I bet you would have canceled the concert if Biden, the commie treasonous crook, had one scheduled. Do you even realize what kind of future the DemonRats, evil doers have planned for not only you but your children. You are a traitor to especially the hard working southern people, who go to your concerts, whose jobs disappear when the democrats take over.

  31. Wow! Garth good morning. I’m 56, a 23+ year AF retiree, and currently working supporting the USAF. I have enjoyed your music for decades but no longer. You providing aid and comfort for a family with compromising ties to Communist Chinese leaders compromising American national security is breath taking and not an action that I ever thought you would support. Good

  32. It is a shame after so many years of good entertainment that we will all try to erase this man from Country Music. The good conservatives know you are now a enemy of Conservative Republicans. Did you not have enough fame to not show up and then peach unity to a Nation that has been spit on by the left and the Democrats. Garth the most beautiful National Anthem I herd was on Jan 6th 2021. Million Patriots stood in the mall and the steps of the capital and did a great job has Patriots. We all sounded like the heart of America . You will go down like The Dixie Chicks a shame to Country Music and United States Of America. You have choose your side and it was not with the American roots that made YOU. We will now bring you back down all money in the world cant make you happy hang your head low has you travel this great nation ( Texan,US Army Retired,Small Business Owner,Life Long Country Music Fan)

  33. I see you were there to help Joe Biden into his newly stole position. Now we know you do have friends in low places. I had a little bonfire tonite with my Garth tapes and will no longer listen to you. Just so you know its about the only legal thing I can do to protest your choice of friends. So Long Buddy. Hope you feel real good when the truth comes out about the election.

  34. very disappointed in you and your actions. you turned down an invitation to perform for president TRUMP, BUT performed for the corrupt biden crime family.

  35. I am very disappointed in you and the decision to play for the corrupt biden crime family. You turned down the opportunity to play for PRESIDENT TRUMP,however, you went to the left, who doesn’t even care for you.(only what they can get from you,for the moment). very,very, sad.


  37. Garth, you are one of the greatest country singers of all times. Don’t pay any attention to these poor brainwashed supporters of king pumpkin. I commend you for seeing through trump’s lies and supporting a good man who will be a great president and help all Americans, just as you can lift our spirits with your music. Your performances of Amazing Grace moves me to tears whenever you sing it, it so beautiful. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!

  38. I am a huge GB fan and it all started when I heard him live down in GA and it was the most amazing concert ever. I would love to meet him one day because that is on my bucket list and one of my favorite songs of his is friends in low places and also mama

  39. I am writing hoping to get a final wish granted for my brother who has been given 6 months to live. He has served his community for 40 years as a fireman, EMT and Paramedic. He is an example of everything that is good about America. Grasping for straws here. I know he has tickets for SLC, Utah concert in July. Could we do something special

  40. Mr. Brooks. You were one of the entertainers at Biden’s inauguration. Your choice of candidates is your respected right. This is an administration that last weekend was a slap in the face to our veterans on Memorial Day. Ms. Harris referred to it as a 3 day weekend. No mention or honor to whose graves we decorate. My father who was a WWII vet whose service is nothing more than a 3 day weekend? Or no mention, not one of God on National Prayer week. We did very much enjoyed your music which is now banned in our home. Prayers for our fallen heroes.

  41. Mr. Brooks,

    My name Is William Zegley. I am writing you with a humble request. My nephew Sam just informed me that he is going to ask his girlfriend Claudia, to marry him while they are visiting during Cheyenne Frontier Days. They live back in Pequea Pa. and are making the trip out here mainly to see your show. I was the first person he told, and I am truly honored that he choose to have me around, when he asks Claudia for her hand in marriage.
    It was an honor and a privilege to serve our great Country, I only regret that I could not be there for many of his special events and times; because of my service time and deployments to the Middle East and Afghanistan.
    With him going out of his way to involve me in this special time, I would like to turn the tables and surprise him. This is where my request comes in. They already have tickets, and will be in the audience during your concert. I was wondering if during one of your breaks, you would call them on stage and allow this special event to go to another level. I understand that you get requests like this all the time. I would be deeply in your debt if you would honor this request.


    William J. Zegley
    637 Evergreen St.
    Cheyenne wy 82009

  42. Dear Garth & Team,

    I can’t message you directly on your website, and this post is hidden. My name is Tela Hill, and I am from Evansville, IN. I’m writing you in regards to Jason Brown; I am Jason’s HR Manager at Cintas Corporation. Jason previously shared information on Garth’s Inside Studio Live regarding his wife passing unexpectantly this past January. Jason and his wife were married for 12 years and have two beautiful children. Jason’s wife, Melissa, was the biggest country music fan, and Jason is the biggest Garth fan I know! They would travel all over to attend Garth concerts and events (even the virtual during the pandemic). I’m writing you to see if there is any way you could have a special announcement during the Nashville or Cinci concerts dedicated to Jason and his wife, Melissa. Jason has the biggest heart, and he is one of our best employees at Cintas! We have watched him struggle, yet persevere during the most difficult time in his life. He is attending the concert in Nashville this weekend, as well as the one in Cinci in September (also his birthday weekend). He pops in my office each week and he talks about Garth (I’m also a huge fan), and he recently showed me the shirts he had made for the shows. It would really mean a lot to Jason. I appreciate your time and thank you!

    Tela Hill

  43. Dear Garth & Trish, My family loved your music when my mother didnt feel good or unhappy your music always lifted her . But she passed away this aApril and my love passed in March and to top it off my second mom passed in May all this year times have been tough but your music and the love they had for it has helped me with this pain . they left me all their albums and of course there all garth . Thank you for being you and having so much love and feeling in your songs. theres alot of us out here who you and your families songs have helped.. God bless.

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