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Also known as: Bella Ramsey

Birth Name: Isabella May Ramsey

Birth Place: Nottingham, Nottingham-shire, England

Birth Date/Age: 30 September 2003

Occupation: Actress

Nationality: English

Father: Alex

Mother: –

Sibling: –

Spouse: –

Children: –

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Bella Ramsey
Conway Van Gelder Grant Ltd.
8-12 Broadwick Street
3rd Floor
London W1F 8HW

alternative :

Conway Van Gelder Grant Ltd.
(Talent Agency)
8-12 Broadwick Street
3rd Floor
London W1F 8HW
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7287 0077
Fax: +44 (0) 20-7287 1940



  1. hello bella i am not good at words now l am agited for a reason concerning yuo. excuse me if maybe you are thinking it strange even if you do not think it sorry however you would like to talk to me. if you want write you . hi

  2. hello Isabella Ramsey. I really hope this gets to you. I really respect you as an actress I saw you in Game of Thrones and I’ve just been binge-watching the worst witch and I think you are an amazing address I’m so disappointed that you’re not in season 4. But that’s one of the things I wanted to talk to you about I looked it up and it said it was for emotional and mental reasons. I want you to know that you’re not alone I struggle with situational depression and chemical as well. I don’t want to sound crazy or anything but if you knew anything about my life you don’t understand my plan. I’m going to give up my life tonight. I understand how you feel mental illnesses does not get taken seriously as much as physical illness and it’s just as bad even worse because it can cause death. I don’t know about you you probably have the finances to get real help if that’s such a thing. But I’ve never found real help and I’ve been reaching out for quite some time. The hospitals I’ve been in to be treated and the counselors that I see it’s all a joke. Maybe because I don’t have money. Well actually I do believe that it’s about financial people judge people for having mental illness treating them like they’re weak-minded but realistically we are the strongest and the smartest because we’ve experienced things others could never comprehend. It was a pleasure spending my last week of my life watching you act again I was so happy to see you in another show after seeing you and Game of Thrones you’re amazing in both. I don’t like your replacement and the worst witch LOL. But joking aside I have a feeling because you’re famous and you have money that you will actually find real help if it’s truly out there. but not for me. I might wait for your reply before I leave this earth because it would warm my heart to hear from you I know you probably have a lot of fan mail and a lot of people to get back to you as well I don’t know how long it will take but everyday from me heart-wrenching and I don’t know if I can hold out much longer. but I understand mental illness Bella. And I hope that was my death you can be a good advocate for depression and mental illness being treated the same as physical illness and get rid of the stigma the judgmental perspective of the weak mind. People will listen to you. you’re very talented young lady. PS I loved it when your character stop the Giant in the eye your facial expressions and your whole demeanor was more than just excellent it was extraordinary almost like you were born to ask. I ask this of you though help me make my death mean something. People will listen to you. Mental illness is just as important as physical. That is super important ! I really hope I hear from you before I go from this world. But if not I understand. help to hear from you sweetheart.❤

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