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Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

The woman who was rumored dating the Prince Hery has full name Rachel Meghan Markle. In addition so actress, Meghan also works as a model. He started the famous role as “Rachel Zane” on the television series “Suits”. Below is a brief biography and address

Also known as: Meghan Markle

Birth Name: Rachel Meghan Markle

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States

Birth Date/Age: 1981 August 4

Occupation: Actress and Model

Nationality: American

Father : Tom Markle

Mother : Doria Radlan

Spouse/Husband :  Trevor Engelson (Married 2011–2013)


Meghan Markle Official Website

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Meghan Markle Address

  • Fan mail address

Meghan Markle

The Gersh Agency, Inc.

9465 Wilshire Blvd, 6th Floor

Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA

Phone number : (310) 274.6611



  1. Meghan, you are so beautiful, so bright mind, so sensitive person, do not concentrate on the people that envy you, but the people overseas that love you and admire you.
    A big huge (sorry not to follow the Royal Rules) from Tecate, Baja California, MEXico

    1. hi princess meghan markle my name is sasha I am your biggest fan I been trying to contact you for days and that was so hard I wanted to meet you in person but my parents is so busy sometimes so I tried video chatting you but it sayed you where not online so I tried to call you on google hangouts I haved to pay I well try to meet on skype but you are a beautiful person and a amazing royal mom and baby archie is so cute how is prince harry doing I herd you come to America I was so happy when you come I love you princess meghan

  2. First of all I am not trying to be your friend although I think you are trying to live your life and be happy and I am so for that with out all the hipe that entailes and I really feel sorry that you have to go thru that . You deserve to have a life full of happy times family times you times and private times just like we have every day, the reason I am writing to you is that my brother left to me when he died was a few things he collected a vhs of Princess Dianna a statue a egg when opened plays a song of Sir Elton John a tea spoon of the carriage caring them after their wedding, just wondering if maybe you would would like these items to have for your family not asking for you to pay for these items just where you would like me to send them to if you would like them for your husband and kids

  3. I think Ms. Marie is a selfish woman and a snob. I do not like Ms. Marie at all. I wish Prince Harry would have listened to his grandfather, father and brother and not have married her. I think he rushed things with his relationship with Ms. Markle. She is a controlling human being. It is because of her marriage and the type of person she is, that has caused a major riff between the two brothers and the rest of the royal family. I just pray that Prince Harry life does not become miserable being married to her. Godspeed Prince Harry.

  4. Meghan just made a statement that peaceful protests are beautiful.
    I agree peaceful protests are beautiful but what we have experienced in Portland is NOT peaceful. If she thinks the protests that are going on in Portland are peaceful then why not join them with Harry and Archie. she never will. They are very very dangerous.
    She can sit in her luxury home under security and say These protests are peaceful while we have to live in the horror. She probably is supporting the cause with money that just fuels the situation that her family doesn’t have to live within. I hope she gets this message and thinks about what she is doing and saying.

  5. What I do not understand about Harry and Meghan is that they always complain about the press. But they use the press and now TV to propagate their opinions all the time.
    What do they want? It seems they want the press to write down and publish what they want them to publish.
    Now, after a year or so, everything seemed to have calmed down. They, Harry and Meghan, settled and at least in Gernany you heard litlle about the two of them. Wasn’t this what they wanted? Now the interview probable with all the old complaints! Why not keep quiet. After some time nobody would be interested any longer. Wasn’t this what they wanted?

    When I think of Merryl Streep she is so famous but youdo not know so much about her private life. I believe it is not the press but the interest of some people to be written about them. Unfortunately in the end it is not always be what they have expected. Behave like for instance the very famous Merryl Streep and you will have the quietness which you say you want, but not really want?

  6. Meghan Markle, The notes above are not so nice and are just non-sense & petty. I just took note on CNN of your interview. My husband suffered from MDD from 2009 to 2019. He is off all depression pills now. Please get a gene test known as the 5-MTHFR, google it. If you have the allele C677T this is the culprit of the MDD. If you are positive for it, take 15 mg of over the counter L-Methylfolate by Thorne, $60. It will fix in 8 – 10 months. One a day and reduce medication once you get angry after 8 months. You are not getting the medication if you have this gene anyway so it isn’t helping much. My husband has it and it took me a decade to get him the help he needed. He is back to himself, not on any medication anymore. He just takes every other day now and level works. Asparagus is best too, direct folate. Do NOT take folic acid which is what the doctors say and the sights. They are wrong on that. The gene has a reduced folic acid metabolism so you can’t convert it to usable Methylfolate which the brain needs. At any Apothecary or online. Please write back to let me know if you got this email. The depression pills will make you really sick in two years and they also increase your weight a lot. I won’t mention the diabetes because you will hopefully do this before. Wish you the best and hope you get this notice.

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