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Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry first joined the Warriors in 2009 after being selected in the draft seventh day as a player option. The son of legendary NBA basketball, Dell Curry was a record-breaking contract in NBA history after agreed agreement worth 201 million us dollars. Husband of Ayesha is now becoming the first NBA star players signed the most expensive.

Not only develop into star players, the father of two children was also successfully brought the Warriors always penetrate the NBA Finals in the last three seasons. Curry managed to take the NBA Champion Warriors in the period of 2014-2015 and 2016-2017.


Also known as: Stephen Curry

Birth Name: Wardell Stephen Curry II

Birth Place: Akron, Ohio, United States

Birth Date/Age: 1988 March 14

Occupation: Basketball Player

Nationality: American

Father : Dell Curry

Mother : Sonya Curry

Spouse/Wife : Ayesha Curry (Married since 2011)

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Stephen Curry

Octagon Sports – Basketball

7950 Jones Branch Drive

Suite 700

McLean, VA 22107, USA

Phone number: (703) 905.3300

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Mr. Stephen Curry
222 Broadway, Apt. 1501
Oakland, CA 94607
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  1. curry you are a great player just keep that mouthpiece inyour mouth takes away from your looks and playing

  2. Steph,

    My name is Matt, i am a big fan, and play basketball too! i have cerebral palsy, so i play from a wheelchair. i like to shoot from down town,and wear your jersey.

    i watch you on tv and have posters of you in my room. i live in Erie, Pennsylvania. if you ever have time when your on the road. i would like to challenge you to a game of wheelchair basketball. its harder then you think.

    if you want to play 2 on 2, you can bring Clay Thompson. i will ask James Conners, he is a Steeler, went to my high school and knows my big brother Luke.

    have a great summer with all your kids. your friend Matt

  3. Everyone talks about defense contesting shots, but to me, contesting a shot doesn’t mean trying to block a 3 pt shot. Take for example, a defensive player can jump straight up with his hands up in the area under/in front of the rim, and supposedly not get called for a foul. And they contest a shot a lot by causing the shooter to alter his shot without fouling.

    My theory is: the same should be done defending 3 pt shots. If you notice, a defender who lunges at a shooter can be considerably taller than the shooter, yet his hand seldom gets as high as the ball, and he ends up fouling the shooter because he is lunging his entire body at the shooter. Most of the NBA players can jump straight up and reach at least 10′ and “MORE”. If they would just jump straight up with their hands reaching as high as they can on a 3 pt shooter IMO, that could contest the shot by altering the shooters shot launch angle, and/or affect the shooters line of sight to the rim. At least they would not be fouling the shooter resulting in 3 free throws!

    I wish the Coaches would think about my theory, and at least experiment with the players in practice, using the jump straight up and reach theory, and let shooters tell the coach if it can affect their shot? (One Test is worth a Million Expert Opinions!)

  4. Hi steph I am your biggest fan I wish you knew how much I admire you keep chewing on that mouthpiece and stay in the game I would love it if I could get your autograph you are the reason that I love basketball thank to you I practice every day outside of my house dribbling the ball. Congrats on cannon he really is a blessing to your family. Shall god bless you and your family .

    Sincerely ,your biggest fan
    Miranda G.C.

  5. Hi Stephen, My name is Tralyn Southerland. My birthday is November 10th and I was wondering if you could come to my birthday party. I am a huge fan of yours. I have your jersey and wear it to school proudly. I know it is basketball season and you are probably training/playing but, would be extremely proud if you would join me and my family & school friends. If interested let me know. I have to send this email in hopes I would be lucky enough to be graced with your appearance. I will pray about this yet, will understand if you cannot come. You sure would make me happy. If not, can I get a signed autograph to show my friends.
    Tralyn L. Southerland
    % Jason & Sharee Southerland
    1045 Edens Road
    Afton, TN 37616

  6. Stephen Curry, I am a big fan. If I am lucky enough that you are reading this, then I just wanted to tell you that you are without a doubt the greatest shooter in all time. For new years my dream is to meet you. I never missed one of your WARRIORS games and people always tell me that I should like my home town but I don’t care. Whenever I can I where warriors gear. I stay up super late just watching a preseason game. If you can reply to my message I would be so grateful. GO, WARRIORS. hope your hand is better

  7. im a big fan of Stephen curry it would be a wish come true if i can meet you i have every single one of your shoes and jersey

  8. Sup Stephen Curry,
    My name is Steven R Barone , I am a huge fan of you buddy . I would like to shoot hoops with you and could you fly me in person to meet and greet you please contact me by phone or face time . I just turned 32 years old born April 11th 1988 I am the same age as you buddy . I love the movie called break though made me cry a lot . I am a huge fan of you Stephen Curry . I am a Warriors fan for a life time to present plus I am a Team USA fan council to the Olympic athletes for a life time to present . Basketball is my passion and my favorite sport to watch and play . I would to meet and greet you in person and get my picture taken . I have a Warriors sweater . if you were to send me a shirt of your name on it I wear size medium home address is 410 SE 33rd st Cape Coral Florida 33904 .

  9. hey curry im 13 in elkhart middle school im in 8th grade im wondering if you could give me some tips on how to work on my form i cant stop shooting from my hip

  10. Hey Stephen Curry,
    I’m 13 years old and is a Golden State Warriors fan for LIFE. No matter what anybody says, I believe in the team and know you guys can win another championship. I always watch your games and I watch your online teaching sessions sometimes. I have made so much progress by learning from you and will become even more better. I just want to say THANK YOU!!!

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