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Jacob Sartorius


Rolf Jacob Sartorius is one of the social media posters that is famous for his post lip-syncing videos. The video he posted was very memorable and he managed to release his first single in 2016.



Jacob Sartorius is a boy born in Oklahoma. Since his birth, he moved to Virginia for having a new parent. The biological parents of Sartorius could not take care of him so adoptive parents should raise him. He is a young boy born about 15 years ago. The talent of Sartorius began to be demonstrated since he was seven years old. At that time he started to show his expertise in the field of acting. In 2014 Sartorius also uploaded a video on Vine that provided an anti-bullying message. The beginnings of Sartorius’s popularity began when he uploaded the video to musical.ly. Jacob Sartorius managed to become a top star app with followers reaching a total of 14 million people. His fame also led to reducing the bullying that befell him. He admitted that he had moved to school three times in 2016.

In 2016, Jacob Sartorius successfully launched his first single titled Sweatshirt and toured with the theme All My Friend. The song he brought was successfully reached the top chart. He also traveled to be able to interact with netizens and fans. His fame enabled Jacob Sartorius to release two more singles entitled “Hit or Mis” and “All My Friends.” Sartorius also toured for his singles and performed in six different cities. In 2017 he also visited the world by showing in seven different countries. He also released a Christmas song at the end of 2017 entitled Cozy. His success in the music world has led him to get rid of the bullying previously experienced. Sartorius also attended the Los Angeles March protest with Millie Bobby Brown to convey his aspiration entitled Our Lives. Sartorius became an inspiration for young people to dare to work and break away from bullying.



Also known as: Jacob Sartorius

Birth Name: Rolf Jacob Sartorius

Birth Place: Oklahoma, United States

Birth Date/Age: 2002 October 2

Occupation: Singer

Nationality: American

Father  : –

Mother  : –

Sibling : Caroline Sartorius

Spouse / Wife : –

Children: –


Jacob Sartorius Website


Facebook : facebook.com/jacobsartorius

Twitter : twitter.com/jacobsartorius

Instagram: instagram.com/jacobsartorius/

Google+  : –

Youtube  : youtube.com/user/jacobsartorius/

Snapchat : JacobSartorius

Email address: JacobSartoriusMGMT@Gmail.com


Jacob Sartorius Address

 Fan mail address

PO BOX 978 Herndon, VA 20170

 House Address

5 SW. Border Drive

Herndon, VA 24540

Phone number: –


  1. Hi, we sent a letter to the address above but it came back saying that it could not be found?? Do you have an updated address please?

    1. send to address: PO Box 978 Herndon, VA 20170

      we get the address directly from Jacob Sartorius through his Instagram account.

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