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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter of country music who began his career by indie in the year 2006, Swift started a music career with the release of the single’s “Tim McGraw’s” direct and occupy positions in the U.S. Billboard charts. Full name of the owner of Taylor Alison Swift was once rumored died of a car accident. However the news was immediately contradicted by Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift was the first artist to get a million copies for his album sales in the first week after Lil Wayne in 2008, and also the first country artist to get one million copies in its first week album sales, since Garth Brooks in the year 1994.

In the year 2010 to be exact in February, she received 8 nominations for the Grammy Awards, 4 of which are Album of the Year and Best Country Album for FEARLESS, as well as Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song for the White Horse.

Homeowners in Rhode Island, never enter a thief and is also the fans who wanted to marry her. The actress who usually tight-lipped about her flirtatious relationship, now known by the public is being in a relationship romance with Joe Alwyn. And according to the info we received, Swift is eager to be married.



Also known as: Taylor Swift

Birth Name: Taylor Alison Swift

Birth Place:  Reading, Pennsylvania, US

Birth Date/Age: 1989 December 13

Occupation: Singer and Songwriter

Nationality: American

Father: Scott Kingsley Swift

Mother: Andrea Gardner Swift

Sibling: Austin Swift

Spouse / Husband: –

Children: Alma –


Taylor Swift Website


Facebook: fb.com/TaylorSwift/

Twitter: twitter.com/taylorswift13

Instagram: instagram.com/taylorswift/

Google+: –

YouTube: youtube.com/user/taylorswift

Snap Chat: –

Email address: customerservice@swiftmerch.com


Taylor Swift Address

 Fan mail address

Taylor Nation

LLC 242 West Main Street PMB 412 Hendersonville,

TN 37075 USA

Phone number: (615) 379.8559


 Another Address

Big Machine Records

1219 16th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212-2901 USA

Phone number: (615) 324.7777


  1. Hi, Taylor, your really good at singing and I was wondering if you could meet me for my birthday one year please. My birthday is coming up in 5 days so I hope that I can meet you some day.
    Your biggest fan Bethany

  2. Hello, Taylor, My name is Maya Swain. I am eight years old. My mom and I had gone to one of your concerts in Foxboro, MA. It has been my dream to meet you in person. You are the best singer!! Please let me know if I can meet you in Bellingham, MA.

  3. Hello Taylor swift. My fiancee and I are your biggest fans. We love your song called love story. We are getting married on June 14, 2020. Can you please come to Plattsburgh New York to play at our wedding please and thank you. What is your phone number so we can call you

  4. Hi Taylor Swift, I hope you can read this. You are my favorite singer ever! I have been listening to you since I was 6 I am now 11. I wish I could meet you in person, my birthday is November 23 maybe one year on my birthday I could meet you. That would be the best birthday present in the world!!!

  5. Hi TAYLOR……I’m 63 and keep (still) looking for new music…..hope you know your fellow Pennsylvanian, KURT VILE…..check out “LOADING ZONES” and “SNOWFLAKES ARE DANCING”….please respond if you like 🙂

  6. Hi Taylor. I live in Rhode Island and I just to tell you how refreshing to see such a sucessful person like you to be so humble and thoughtful. I don’t live too far from your home on Watch Hill but still have not gotten close enough to feel your presence. Sure, I’ve seen your home from afar, but not too close. I’m just a senior mom who works part-time to get by, and as we all know, the awful pandemic we are all going thru right now has prevented me to go back to work. I work in a grocery store. Needless to say, hopefully I can meet you someday because in our society today, not too many caring people out there and I could see how truly you do care about people. Please be safe and stay healthy and to your family. Stay just the way you are!

  7. Taylor, I’m putting a letter in the mail today from my 10-year-old daughter. I hope I have a right address. She struggles to love herself. She loves you.

  8. Your songs you sing are really amazing and I have always dreamed of coming to one of your concerts and sitting in front row! This is a shout-out to one of my biggest fan’s named Taylor Swift

  9. Hi Taylor! I love your music and I kind of want to create my own. I hope that you continue to do great making yours. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to make music. If you have time here is my email address. Thank you so much. I love you!!!


  10. Hi Taylor, I am an old lady and not very good on Internet. Would have loved to send this to you directly but maybe, just maybe this message will get to you. I have been following you closely throughout your carreer, because I truly beleive you are an angel here on earth. I really admired how you handled yourself on Elen’s talk show, you were cool calm and collected even with all the harassment… you shook it off and good for you! I am truly touched by your kind heart and great generosity, specially to children. Love your music and your style, wonderful young lady, wish you all the best in the world sweety. God bless xoxo

  11. I am a huge fan and I listen to all your 71 songs everyday. I am from India and I would go to America just to see you! You are my favorite singer. I am 10 years old and THE FIST ENGLISH SONG I EVER HEARD WAS BY YOU ( it was blank space). I would do anything to just be able to contact you. It would mean a lot to me.

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