Xolo Maridueña

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Xolo Maridueña


Also known as: Xolo Maridueña

Birth Name: Xolo Maridueña

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States

Birth Date/Age: 2001 June 9

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: American

Father: –

Mother: –

Sibling: Talia, Oshun

Spouse: –

Children: –

Xolo Maridueña Website

URL: –

Facebook: –

Twitter: twitter.com/xolo_mariduena

Instagram: instagram.com/xolo_mariduena/

Google+: –

YouTube: –

Snap chat: –

Myspace: –

Email address: –

Xolo Maridueña Address

Osbrink Talent Agency

4343 Lankershim Blvd, Suite 100

Universal City, CA 91602

United States

Phone Number: 818-760-2488

Another Address:





20 responses to “Xolo Maridueña”

  1. Bella Martinez Avatar
    Bella Martinez

    I have a slight crush on you. I know, I know I’m too young(11) but I thought since you leave close to Bakersfield maybe I can meet you in person?

  2. jacob Avatar

    hi I love cobra Kia you are my fvepporsin

  3. savannah newman Avatar
    savannah newman

    I love cobra kai and i cried when you got kicked off the 2nd floor and were in the hospital. i think you and marry would be a good couple in real life. i am your biggest fan i hope to meet you some day. i have a slight crush on you i know i am too young (13) but it is just a crush. I Love You xolo!!!!

    1. Xolo Mariduena Wifey Avatar
      Xolo Mariduena Wifey

      Nahh babes hes mine we got kids so…

  4. kamarion Avatar

    hey wuzzzzuuup xolo you bro are really my favorite actor and i really love your karate moves on cobra kai i love that show man to be honest

  5. Melody Mendoza Avatar

    i love xolo hes so cute and funny.

  6. Caiden Avatar

    I really like the way you fight and wanna be like you. I want to meet you marry and Jacob

  7. Maximo Avatar

    Xolo bro your my favorite actor man your awesome i love cobra kai man

  8. Maddie Avatar

    Xolo I am in love with you I am 19 and I am a girl we could get married

  9. Maddie Avatar

    Xolo I am in love with you I am 19 and I am a girl we could get married. Yayyyyyy

    1. Janessa Perez Avatar
      Janessa Perez

      No way. U did not just say that Maddie.


    Xolo you are my favorite actor. I love Cobra Kai with all my heart. I have watched every season like 10 times. I really think you and Mary would be a great couple in real life. I have a little crush one you but you would probably never know i’m alive. I really hope I get to meet you one day. You are so lucky to get to do what you do .

  11. Messiah Avatar

    i love cobra kai and you are my favorite character

  12. Salim Avatar

    Hi I’m a fan from morocco and my name is salim. I heard that you will come to marrakech and I would love to meet you. Could you send me a autograph plz that’s will be great. I’m 10 y old. You are a hero

  13. George Avatar

    Greetings from Australia, My name is George hope everything is getting better over in the US. Xolo ever since I finished watching the Cobra Kai Series I knew that I had to meet you. You are my hero, I’m a young person. Don’t want to state my name because of privacy.

  14. George Avatar

    I mean my Age

  15. Natalie Avatar

    Hi my name is Natalie and i love cobra kai i like season2 ep10 the fight scene and when you go on your first date with Samantha Larusso. Im excited for season 4.

  16. jolina Avatar

    hi i love cobra kai soooooooooooooooooo much

  17. madison Avatar

    whats your email

  18. Janessa Perez Avatar
    Janessa Perez

    Hey Xolo SO I was wondering if u can call me because I have a huge personal question to ask. If u can call me plz email me at jm.guzman@rioschools.org.
    BTW I’m a huge Cobra Kai Fan ( Ur #1 Fan )!! I felt really bad when u were in the hospital. I hope U reply back.
    – JJ

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